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Need-to-know Tips for Pharmacology Students

The healthcare industry today demands a mastery of highly-specialized information and broad practical experience in preparation for successful future careers. To achieve this, students must work hard and tap the knowledge of their lecturers and more senior postgraduates.

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- Improve your memory: Pharmacists are taught about prescription medicines, how they work, how to take them, counter-effects, and how they interact with other drugs, so must be aware of proven techniques to boost their short and long-term memory. 


- Improve your foreign language ability:  It is advantageous to be especially competent in English and French.


- Improve your knowledge of Chemistry: Pharmacists must study Chemistry to a high level and deal with complicated chemical formulae, so it is important for applicants to have the best high school Chemistry grades, in order to thoroughly understand subjects such as Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Organic Chemistry, drug preparation and others.


- Be research oriented and the desire to learn: History has shown that if students do not have these aspirations, they will quickly become outdated and unattractive to potential employers


- Work morally and passionately: Choosing a career as a Pharmacist is not to be taken lightly and students must possess these two vital assets, with a genuine interest in helping patients, able to work under pressure and make quick, informed decisions. However, two of the most important requirements relate to the personality and ethical behavior of the Pharmacist.


Where in Danang can you study Pharmacy?


Choose the ideal study environment, with experienced lecturers. In Danang, DTU offers two well-known, high-quality programs, a five-year Bachelor of Pharmacy degree or a four-year linking program.

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An agreement is signed with Illinois University on medical education


DTU focuses on advance education linked with practical research. Pharmacology lecturers always keep pace with the rapid growth of Medicine worldwide. DTU partners with the University of Pittsburgh, a leading university in medical research and the University of Illinois, who both offer the largest number of medical and pharmaceutical programs in the US. DTU also collaborates with 18 local hospitals and health centers, where students work with experienced medical staff and practice with patients. These include the Danang Hospital, the Danang C Hospital, the 199th Hospital of the Ministry of Public Security, the 17th Military Zone Hospital, the Danang Center for Odontoid-Stomatology and the Hue Central Hospital.  


DTU is now one of most dependable choices for local students who wish to apply for a Pharmacology degree program and expect to graduate with the best employment opportunities in the Central region.

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