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Hospitals and pharmacies are expanding and require an unlimited number of healthcare workers. As a result, some of them are obtaining fake medical licenses and university diplomas to get a job. To combat this, the authorities must intervene and deal with the misdemeanors, and universities must take responsibility to graduate more legally qualified doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to meet the stringent demands. DTU and other Vietnamese universities have been making efforts to soundly educate Bachelor of Pharmacy students and develop their social responsibility, consciences and professional pride.
DTU provides advanced international training programs 
DTU partners with large American universities in medical studies, to share their international curricula to improve the standard of education and graduate medical professionals with the most advanced knowledge. Foreign lecturers are invited to teach at DTU, from the University of Illinois in Chicago, which has the most comprehensive program in Medicine and Nursing in the US, and the University of Pittsburgh, ranked seventh in the US in Health Sciences.  
H?c Du?c si Ð?i h?c DTU d? tr? thành nh?ng Du?c si có chuyên môn, trách nhi?m
DTU partners with American universities in medical studies
Pharmacy students learn about: 
- General subjects: Biology & Genetics, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry 
- Specialized subjects: Organization and Management in Pharmaceutical Legislation, Medicine, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Business Administration, Medicine Preparation, Traditional Medicine.
DTU adopted the advanced PBL and EBL (Evidence-Based Learning) teaching methods for Pharmacy education several years ago, which are both used in life and health sciences education worldwide. The learner-centered approach empowers students to conduct research and combine theory and practice. They learn more effectively, solve problems and proactively explore potential career paths.   DTU offers a five-year Bachelor of Pharmacy degree program to teach: 
- Drug production and development 
- Clinical Pharmacy, consulting and providing information on drugs 
- Drug quality and testing procedures
- Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy, to identify, conserve, cultivate, process, produce and exploit medicinal herbs 
Study DTU’s state-of-the-art practice labs 
DTU has been working hard to create an environment where students can learn all about healthcare in practical, well-planned classrooms, equipped with latest modeling tools. The university has focused on hiring new, experienced lecturers and establishing partnerships with international universities. Recently, this investment has resulted in an increase in the number of high-scoring HSGE applicants for the DTU Pharmacy program.
H?c Du?c si Ð?i h?c DTU d? tr? thành nh?ng Du?c si có chuyên môn, trách nhi?m
The DTU “3D Virtual Reality Application for the Human body is used in Health Sciences Teaching, Training and Research” and won first prize in the 2017 Vietnamese Talent Awards 
DTU has built 18 new practice labs to prepare students for work at local hospitals. These include the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pathophysiology, Immunology, Microbiology and Parasite laboratories, the MedSim Center and the Center of Visualization & Simulation, which all meet the necessary safety standards and are equipped with the most advanced technology.  
Intern at the DTU Pharmacy, other local pharmacies or hospitals 
The university has created the ideal environment for students to intern and gain practical experience at the DTU Pharmacy and at in-house simulated pharmacies. DTU opened the University Pharmacy, which meets GPP standards and is used to train students who must complete a one-month internship in their fifth year at a pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturer, a hospital or a community center. In addition, DTU has signed agreements with 18 local hospitals, including the Hue Central Hospital, the Danang General Hospital, the Danang C Hospital, the 17 Military Hospital Region and the Ministry of Public Security 199 Hospital to provide practical clinical experience, exposed to a wide variety of patient cases. 
 In 2020, DTU will award the following scholarships to qualified Pharmacology applicants:
- 700 scholarships worth from 500,000 to 2 million VND each, for applicants with high school transcript scores of 22 points or higher.
- 450 DTU scholarships worth 1 to 5 million VND each, for applicants with a total HSGE three-subject score from 5 points higher than the admissions minimum.
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