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DTU Enrolls University-level Pharmacology

As living standards rise and better health care is vital, the study of Pharmacology has aroused the special interest of applicants and parents. Physicians continue to consult, nurses provide assistance and treatment and pharmacists support them all.

This year, DTU continues to enroll students into the university-level Pharmacology program, in order to graduate highly-qualified pharmacists to benefit the country’s healthcare system.

Tuyển sinh Ngành Dược sĩ Đại học 2019

DTU students train in the Chemistry lab


To improve education and graduate high-quality medical staff, DTU partners with large American medical universities, to share their high-quality curriculums, update with the most advanced medicine and pharmacy knowledge in the world and invite their lecturers to teach at DTU, including the University of Pittsburgh, ranked fifth in the top 15 US universities in medical research and the University of Illinois in Chicago, which has the largest medicine and pharmacy training programs in the US, by student numbers and number of majors.


DTU adopted the PBL teaching method in the Health Sciences several years ago.  PBL is an advanced training method applied in the life sciences and health sciences at many of the world's leading universities. It is a learner-centered approach which empowers students to conduct research and integrate theory and practice. Learning with PBL helps students to activate the knowledge gained to solve problems in context and proactively explore new fields of knowledge after graduation. 

 Students are taught by a team of experts  in well-equipped laboratories. 

Tuyển sinh Ngành Dược sĩ Đại học 2019

An agreement is signed with Illinois University on medical education


DTU also collaborates with 18 local hospitals and health centers, where students work with experienced medical staff and practice with patients. These include the Danang Hospital, the Danang C Hospital, the Military Hospital 17, Hospital 199 of the Ministry of Public Security, the Quang Nam Central General Hospital, the Family Hospital, the Hue Central Hospital and others to provide students with practical internship experience.  


Students from the Faculty of Pharmacy at DTU have worked hard and made some significant achievements, including the national championship and runners-up in the East Asia contest, with project “A solution for Eco-friendly shrimp farming with zero water replacement”, developed by Nguyen Cong Duc and his team mate.


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