English Language

English Language

English is the key to many attractive career opportunities for all, especially today, in the age of international integration, and the English language major has been attracting more and more students recently. In order to meet increasing requirements, DTU has extended enrollment in the eUniversity English language Bachelor’s degree program, enabling students throughout Vietnam to study anywhere at any time.
Students who complete a general secondary education will need from 3.5 to 4 years to complete the Bachelor’s degree program but those with a Higher Vocational diploma will only need 3. Students who already have a university diploma will be only need from 2 to 2.5 years.
Training Methodology
Enrollees in the DTU eUniversity Bachelor’s Degree Program benefit from: 
- The ability to communicate quickly with lecturers and fellow students
- A rich and varied curriculum, combining printed materials, sound recordings of lectures and filmed lectures
- Online discussions and exercises 
- Students can communicate with each other during the course and contact lecturers by phone or through an online forum
- The DTU 3D Second Life virtual reality game allows students to organize real-time activities online 
- Reviewing specialized exams, retaking them and other tests through the e-University question bank system.
Working skills
Courses cover the English language, the use of phonetics, vocabulary and grammar, and a study of the cultures of English-speaking countries
Courses provide an in-depth knowledge of English translation and interpretation skills
Students have good English communication skills in social settings and in other specialized areas and are able to engage in effective self-study to improve their knowledge and language skills and to shape their thinking and research on language and cultures 
Career prospects
- Work in large companies or multinational groups 
- Communication specialist, secretary, an assistant in foreign companies 
- Teaching at universities, schools or language centers.


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