PhD in Computer Science

Computer Science

Training Objectives
The objective is to train expert PhDs in Computer Science, who are able to do research and lead a research group with a scientific focus, in all specialized topics. They should be able to understand and solve special problems, give presentations to introduce research topics and lecture at the Bachelor and postgraduate levels.
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Admission criteria 
DTU bases its admissions policy for all PhD candidates on the new training standards drawn up by the Ministry of Education and Training, circular 08/2017/TT-BGDĐT
- Applicants should hold a Bachelor’s degree with honors or a Master’s degree.  They must have published at least one paper related to their proposed area of research in a scientific journal or at a conference, with peer reviews, within the three years prior to application. They must have an iBT TOEFL English language certificate of 45 or more or an IELTS certificate of 5.0 or more, from an internationally recognized test center obtained within the last two years.


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