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A stable economy and good social conditions allow us to pay more and more attention to our health. Investing in the latest healthcare facilities and qualified workers, including pharmacists, plays a vital role in improving health services. With a broader knowledge of Medicine, Pharmacy graduates are now increasingly in demand as drug consultants, quality assurance providers, and so on.


Pharmacy applicants usually have high university entry scores, which is an important foundation for their medical studies and future responsibilities.

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Pharmacists want to work in a field that benefits people’s livelihoods, where they can play a crucial role. To do that, they must try their utmost to learn as much as possible to master Medicine and Consulting. At the same time, they must improve their English in order to stay updated on the latest international information, and also learn as interns or staff how to manage the specialized equipment in laboratories, hospitals and elsewhere.


Career prospects


Pharmacy students will be able to work in:


- Hospitals: to consult with doctors in prescribing drugs and alert patients about possible side-effects; to work as clinical pharmacists, responsible for medical quality assurance.


- Production facilities: to study drug production processes, know about the active ingredients in the supervision of production and take extracts for quality assurance.


- Universities: as lecturers, pharmacy technicians and other jobs.


- Testing centers: to supervise the quality of pharmaceuticals.


- Pharmacy businesses: as retail pharmacists, wholesalers or importers. 


Hopefully this article will help you gain a better understanding of Pharmacy and enable you to find the most suitable jobs on graduation.


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