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DTU Enrolls Regular Students of Business Administration in 2019

For many years now, Business Administration has been an attractive major for many young people. The current rapid development of the economy with the establishment of many new businesses and the entry of many foreign investors in particular have led to a unceasing increase in demand for human resources in business administration. In 2019, DTU continues enrolling for Business Administration with many diverse majors, offering choices compatible with anyone’s abilities.


Studying Business Administration at DTU gives the learner a chance to access prestigious curriculums and a dynamic study environment aimed at a maximal development of one’s personal capabilities. These are the result of many years of international collaborations which the university has been investing in to improve its education,  such as an agreement to transfer curriculums and to train lecturers with Pennsylvania State University, one of the fifty leading universities in economics and business administration in the US (according to U.S. News 2018), since 2009–2010. Furthermore, lecturer exchange with many other universities - San Jose State University, Appalachian State University, St. Ambrose University- offer DTU lecturers the opportunity to get up-to-date on new teaching trends and to share and learn pedagogical ideas with lecturers at partner schools.


In addition to the quality training program, lecturers at the DTU Faculty of Business Administration also apply the Problem/Project-Based Learning method (PBL). With this method, lecturing is always aimed at developing the initiative and the creativity of the learners, which makes them feel more attached to the subject, gives them a more solid grasp of the foundations, and provides them with vital skills for their future careers.


For 2019, the Faculty of Business Administration enrolls for Marketing Administration, Business Administration, International Business Administration, Commerce, Corporate Finance, and Banking. Studying one of these majors, students are equipped with basic knowledge of business administration and business strategies, a sound understanding of finance and banking, and the ability to analyze, predict, monitor, and deal with issues arising in business operations, in addition to honing important professional skills like finding potential customers, product development, providing services, sales management, sales skills, and understanding customer psychology.


Graduates can work at many positions, such as in production, commerce, import-export, representative offices, local and foreign banks, multinationals, service providers, shipping and aviation agents, insurance, banking, as lecturers or researchers at universities or colleges, or starting their own business.


In 2019 season, DTU continues to award preferential scholarships in Business Administration:


  • On-Site Study-Abroad scholarships: full or partial, leading to an American degree, for applicants who obtained first, second, third or consolation prizes in national skilled student contests or at science and technology fairs organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, and to applicants with a total High Graduation Exam three-subject score of 22 or higher.
  • Talent Scholarships: 215 scholarships, full or partial, with total value of 11 billion dong, for Business Administration applicants with total High Graduation Exam three-subject score of 20 or above.
  • Full scholarships: 100% of tuition fee for applicants to the advanced and international PSU Standard Business Administration program, with a total High Graduation Exam three-subject score of 23 or above.
  • DTU Scholarships: 720 scholarships worth from one to five million dong each for Business Administration applicants with a total High Graduation Exam three-subject score three to ten points higher than the admissions minimum.
  • Scholarships: from 500,000 to 2 million dong for Business Administration applicants with a high school transcript score of 22 or above.
  • Scholarships worth 5 million dong each for first-year Business Administration students who obtained a consolation prize in a National Excellent Student contest or in a National Science & Technology contest.
  • Ten scholarships from Pennsylvania State University (PSU): 10 million dong each.
  • Twenty scholarships from DTU worth 5 million dong each for PSU standard programs.


         Subjects for admissions



Major code

High School Graduation Exam Grade

High School Transcript

(12th-grade results)

- Business Administration

- Marketing Administration

- Foreign Trade (International Business Administration)

- Commerce

- Human Resources Management

- Office Administration

- Business Administration (PSU)

- Corporate Management (HP)

- Strategic Marketing Management (HP)

- Business Administration (KEUKA)

















1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry (A00)

2. Maths, Natural Sciences, Literature (A16)

3. Literature, Maths, Physics (C01)

4. Literature, Maths, English (D01)


1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry (A00)

2. Literature, Maths, Physics, (C01)

3. Literature, Maths, Chemistry (C02)

4. Maths, Literature, English (D01)


For detailed information, please contact the DTU Enrollment Center

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