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Administration, Marketing, Foreign Trade, Human Resources: Attractive Majors, with Excellent Career Prospects

A major concern when choosing a suitable university and an appropriate major is the career opportunities on graduation. In Business, Trade and Human Resources it is particularly important to select a major which is currently in great demand to ensure success. In 2020, DTU offers a wide choice of majors in Administration, Marketing, Foreign Trade and Human Resources.
Business Administration and Marketing Administration:  Executive startup skills.
Business Administration
DTU has implemented the advanced international PSU-standard Business Administration program with Pennsylvania State University, one of the leading American universities in Economics and Management, to improve education quality. Students study intensively in Vietnam with highly-qualified lecturers and gain a foundational knowledge of business administration, business strategy, corporate governance and business operations.  On completion, graduates receive from 19 to 24 internationally recognized Course Completion certificates from PSU.
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DTU signs an agreement with PSU
Marketing Administration
Marketing Administration is a consumer-oriented major which bridges business to customers, in addition to teaching product development, brand promotion and positioning and the following professional skills:
- Locating potential customers
- Product development
- Service provision,
- Sales management skills
- Customer psychology management
- Marketing planning
- Developing comprehensive marketing strategies
DTU Marketing Administration graduates work at:
- organizing the implementation and evaluation of market research, distribution channel management, purchasing, sales, public relations, advertising, marketing and product development activities
- quickly solving business problems and making timely marketing decisions to take advantage of business opportunities
- negotiating convincingly in marketing-related fields
The Marketing Administration major is evolving strongly in Vietnam and offers excellent career opportunities to dynamic young business candidates, as:
- Executives
- Media specialists
- Marketers
- Customer care staff
HR Management and Office Administration: Careers for dynamic professionals
Efficient Office Administration and HR Management are two essential, diverse and complex requirements of any company in order to stay competitive. Employees must be qualified, dynamic, and professional. This is why these fields have become so popular. 
The DTU HR Management major teaches how to:
- attract talented employees to a company
- bring various parts of an organization together
- resolve conflicts between employees
- offer solutions to improve productivity
- motivate workers
- give strategic advice on HR orientation and development
Students acquire the following practical HR skills to:
- proficiently applying scientific management methods to HR strategies
- formulate policies, plans and projects
- control, evaluate, predict and solve problems
- develop policies to attract, recruit and train HR resources
- evaluate and monitor work analysis and design, and manage employee performance
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DTU regularly organizes startup conferences and job fairs 
The DTU Office Administration major provides a comprehensive knowledge to satisfy the requirements at government and social agencies and private companies. Graduates will be qualified to:
- collect and process information
- advise on and propose problem-solving activities
- effectively manage information systems and apply information technology
- develop standards for office operations
- draft and transfer documents
- conduct recordkeeping
- organize events and meetings and communicate and promote company image
- ensure efficient infrastructure and work facilities
- communicate, transact and maintain good working relationships with staff, organizations, partners and customers
Foreign Trade (or International Business Administration): One major, many careers
Currently, Vietnam is in the process of global integration and encouraging foreign businesses to invest in import-export activities here. This has resulted in an increase in the demand for human resources in foreign trade to benefit the country economically. Applicants must have:
- good high school foreign language skill
- communication aptitude
- a strong interest in business
The high-quality Foreign Trade major at DTU aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of business and commerce and the skills to prepare students for their future careers, including:
- basic marketing
- international marketing
- finance and money
- international trade law
- foreign economic relations
- international finance
- international business
- foreign trade
- international payments
DTU uses the international PBL (Problem-Based Learning/Project-Based Learning) method in Foreign Trade and also in Economics and Administration majors, which enables students to actively acquire a deeper understanding of their topics and take the initiative. Careers are then available in the following fields in:
- management and sales
- corporate finance and trade
- import-export, foreign exchange and remittances
- sales departments and import-export departments of trading companies, import-export companies, representative offices, service providers, shipping and aviation agents, insurance firms, foreign trade banks, import-export ports, import-export departments at borders and foreign trade and import-export management agencies
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