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DTU Enrolls Regular Students of Banking in 2019

Banking currently attracts many young students, not only for the dynamic work environment and attractive remuneration, but also for the many promotion opportunities it offers. In 2019, Duy Tan University continues enrolling regular students for Banking with a high-quality training program enjoying the trust of many parents and students.


Banking has always been a special field of leading importance and with a lot of potential in any economy. As such, Banking is always an attractive choice for students interested in pursuing an economics or currency related major. Although entailing risks and hard work, Banking also has the potential to be greatly rewarding for people who love their work and are devoted to it.

Đại học Duy Tân Tuyển sinh Đại học Chính quy ngành Ngân hàng 2019


Wishing its graduates to be confident with what they learned during their time at university, DTU strives to provide its students with knowledge of Banking from basic to advanced: issuing shares, mobilizing capital, advising businesses on capital market activities such as business acquisitions and mergers, financial transactions, monetary circulation and operations through the banking system, and so on. Emphasis is furthermore placed on students training useful soft skills, such as analyzing, synthesizing, and comprehensively assessing large and small scale economic and financial issues; formulating policy and planning related to banking business activities; persuading customers; dealing with situations arising during operations.


The DTU Faculty of Business Administration has collaborations with many famous universities in Vietnam and abroad to use their training programs and invite prestigious lecturers to give classes. One of the universities DTU has the utmost confidence in is Pennsylvania State University (PSU), one of the 50 leading universities in economics, business administration, and finance and banking training in the US (according to U.S. News 2021). The collaboration with PSU has allowed Banking students at DTU to get access to the most advanced training programs in the world and obtain from 19 to 24 globally recognized course completion certificates issued by PSU.


The Faculty of Business Administration regularly signs agreements with banks, businesses, and financial organization like Agribank, Vietinbank, BIDV, and Vietcombank, which serve as a basis to understand recruitment requirements and which function as an important bridge for internships and real-life practice,  through which students can acquire important knowledge and skills, so as to confidently find employment in the banking sector right after graduation.



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