Submission & Review Process

Research project Manuscript Submission and Review



1. Acceptable submissions are defined as new science and technology research papers yet to be published in any journal.


2. Article form and lay-out


2.1 Form


Manuscripts are prepared using LaTeX, or in M/S Word, which can then be converted into LaTeX. The length should be no more than ten A4 pages, with clear images in .png, .jpg or .wmf formats. Captions should be below the image and titles above, and all images and tables should be numbered. 


2.2 Lay-out


The title:


- Should be written succinctly and informatively in both Vietnamese and English

- Should contain the full names of all the authors, with their affiliation, with corresponding postal and email addresses (if applicable).




- The abstract should be in both Vietnamese and English, overviewing its objectives and research results.

-  Key words should be used to 1) define the research contents, 2) describe the issue and its currency 3) show how it was solved and 4) provide a discussion and conclusion.

References: only list references that are associated with numbers in square brackets, in the following format:

-  For books, theses and reports: use ordinal numbers, the full name of the authors or issuing agency, the title, the publisher and the year and place of publication.

-  For articles: include the number and full names of the authors, the title, the name of the journal or book, the volume and year of publication, with page numbers.


3. Address for submissions


DTU Journal of Science & Technology at 03 Quang Trung, Danang City;

Tel: 0236.3.82711, Fax: 0236.3.650443, Email:


Note: The editors only accept submissions prepared in accordance with the above standards. If rejected, the manuscript will not be returned.







Step 1: Send invitation letters and instructions via the DTU intranet.

Step 2: Receive submitted manuscripts in person or via email from DTU lecturers and staff.

Step 3: Send printed manuscripts to the Editorial Boards of the journals.

Step 4: Screen manuscripts and select the eligible ones. Manuscripts lying outside the scope of the journal will be rejected.

Step 5: Send manuscripts to expert peer reviewers, who will jointly make a decision on publication.

Step 6: Receive manuscripts back from reviewers.

Step 7: Send the manuscripts back to the authors for revision.

Step 8: Receive the revised papers back from the authors.

Step 9: Send the authors the accepted manuscripts.

Step 10: Make changes to the manuscripts based on reviewers’ suggestions.

Step 11: Convert papers to LaTeX format for publication.

Step 12: Use a translator to revise the English versions.

Step 13: Arrange with the DTU Center of Graphic Design to prepare the cover pages.

Step 14: Have the author check the grammar and punctuation.

Step 15: The Editor-in-Chief and the Deputy Editor finally screen the papers and revise if necessary.

Step 16: Prepare the papers for publication.

Step 17: Distribution.


Closing: Store and preserve the published manuscripts.


  • DTU Journal of Science & Technology

  • ISSN:1859 - 4905

  • Lience: 1245/GP-BTTTT (05/08/2011)


    Room.13/3.6, Office of DTU Journal of Science & Technology at 03 Quang Trung, Danang 

    Tel.: 0236.3.82711 (ext 11336)

    Fax: 0236.3.650443


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