By winning important awards in national and international competitions, DTU has highlighted the sustained efforts made by faculty and students over the years.


Up to now, DTU has 655 international publications, with 602 in ISI-indexed journals and 15 in  Scopus; 287 in domestic journals of science and technology; 282 in DTU Journal of Science and Technology and 357 in summary records of national and international conferences. The University is conducting 39 projects at provincial level and above, with 25 Nafosted research projects. 595 research projects conducted by DTU lecturers and students have been accepted; 129 textbooks have been published.

DTU wins First prize in the 2017 Vietnam Talent Award

* Certificates of Merit from the Danang People’s Committee were awarded to:


- Dr. Nguyen Duc Hien from DTU Department of Science Management in 2008 - 2009

- Lecturer. Nguyen Van Tho from DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 2012 - 2013

- Dr. Nguyen Chien Thang  from DTU Institute for Research and Development in 2013-2014

- Dr. Ha Dac Binh from DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 2014 - 2015

- Dr. Nguyen Gia Nhu from DTU Graduate School in 2015-2016

- Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Vice Provost, is one of the twenty leading Danang scientists to be honoured for his active involvement in promoting the city’s science and technology sector between 1997 and 2017.

- Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, received the title “Hero of Labor” in the Renewal period.


* Certificates of Merit from the Ministry of Education & Training were awarded to 10 faculties and departments and 38 lecturers and staff.


* Other prizes:


- Dr. Phan Van Nham won the prize at the 39th conference, held in Buon Ma Thuot  in 2014. 

- Dr. Tran Hoai Nam won the prize at the 41st conference, held in Nha Trang  in 2016

- First prize in IT at Vietnam Talent Awards 2017  for the application entitled “Using 3D Virtual Reality Technology to Simulate the Human body for Health science Education and Research”,(Vietnam Talent Awards was initiated by the Viet Nam Association for Promoting Education)

DTU wins Newton Prize 2017

- The 2017 Newton Prize Vietnam for the project entitled: “Building a Foundation for Sustainable Development: ''Networked Societies” for the Cities of Tomorrow”, Dr. Vo Nguyen Son from Duy Tan University and Dr. Duong Quang Trung from Queen’s University Belfast in the UK.   


Students’ awards from 2001 to 2017


* National competitions


- The National  Mathematics Olympiads: 38 awards (one first, one second, seventeen third and nineteen consolation prizes)

- The National Student Informatics Olympiads: 27 awards (one first, five second, ten third, and eleven consolation prizes)

- The National Physics Olympiads: 49 awards (three first, ten second, eighteen third, sixteen consolation and two delegated prizes)

- The National Mechanics Olympiads: 9 awards (one third and eight consolations prizes)

- The Loa Thanh Tournament in Civil Engineering: 20 awards (one first, five second, eight third, three consolation and three delegated prizes

- National Student Architecture Festival: 46 awards (eight first, eleven second, seventeen third and ten consolation prizes)

- The National Information Security Competitions: 10 awards

- The CPA: 3 consolation prizes

- The Windown phone-DTU Innovation CUP: 2 awards (one first and one consolation prize)

- The Online ACM/ICPC: a second prize

- The  Computerized Fireworks Competition: 4 awards (two first, one second and one third prize)

- The Graphic Design contest: 6 awards (one first, two third and three consolation prizes)

- The Robocon Competition: a second prize

- The “Intellectual Property” contest: a second prize

- The Student Tour Guide Contest 2015: 4 awards

- The Regional Contest of Eloquence in Chinese: 2 awards (one third and one consolation prize) 

- The 2016 National Microsoft Imagine Cup.

- The 2014 Danang Skills Competition: 6 prizes (one  First, two Third and three Consolation prizes

- The - 2016 and 2017 National Go-Green-In-The-City Championship

- The Noizi Emoticon Design contest: one first prize

- The 2016 National Targeted Innovation Challenge: one first prize

- The DTU Innovation Cup 2015: 3 awards  

- The 8th National Creative Festival for the Youth: 1 award

- Scientific Research: Ministerial research projects: 26 awards (eight third, sixteen consolation, VIFOTEC: one third and one consolation prize)


* International competitions


- A first prize in the short film contest based on climate change, organized by the Vietnamese Students’ Magazine and the European Union (EU) for the film: “A Dream Comes True”  

- The 2013, 2016 and 2017 CDIO Cups from the CDIO Academy

- The Asia-Pacific Regional IDEERS Champions Cup at the 2014 IDEERS convention, and a Third prize in 2015 (held at the National Centre for Research on Earthquake Engineering in Taiwan)

- The East Asia Go-Green-In-The-City contest: a second prize 

- The 38th ACM/ICPC Asia Regional contest: 2 second, 4 third and two consolation prizes

- The Asian Youth Innovation Awards held in Malaysia : a Silver medal (by Nguyen Tran Viet Chuong)

- DTU is ranked 31st worldwide and 2nd in Vietnam on CTFtime


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