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Introduction to the DTU Journal of Science & Technology

The DTU Journal of Science & Technology has been authorized for circulation with Ministry of Information and Communications license 1245/GP-BTTTT of August 10, 2011, amended on February 6, 2013 with license 38/GP-BTTTT. The National Agency for Science and Technology Information (Ministry of Science and Technology) furthermore provided it with the ISSN number 1858-4905 through May 30, 2012 decision 22/TTKHCN-ISSN. On June 19, 2017, the Journal was added to the State Council for Professor Title list of journals accepted for converted scientific points when being considered for professorial titles in the 2017 standards (decision 19/QĐ-HĐCDGSNN).
Introduction to the DTU Journal of Science & Technology
Twenty-four numbers of the Journal have appeared to date. It is published based on a scientific process according to State Council for Professor Title regulations concerning scientific quality and publishing procedures of scientific journals accepted for points. The Journal has attracted scientific contributions from many researchers and lecturers at DTU and other universities, making it a serious and credible academic forum.
Besides adhering to the regulations of scientific research publications, the DTU Journal of Science & Technology always abides by the Press Law and related legal documents, complying with guidelines, objectives, and other requirements of the Ministry of Information and Communications concerning objectives, scope of issue, methods of issue, and mode of publication.
The Journal currently publishes six numbers a year. In addition to changing the name (to DTU Journal of Science & Technology), the Journal will soon start to include one number a year entirely in English.


1. Accepted submissions are new and scientifically meaningful works in the fields of science and technology that have not yet been published in any journal.
2. Article form and lay-out
2.1 Form
Manuscripts can be prepared using LaTeX or MS Word (which will be converted to LaTeX if accepted for publication), no more than ten A4 pages. Images should be clear, in png, jpg, or wmf format. Image captions should be underneath, table titles above, and images and tables should be numbered.
2.2 Lay-out

Title should include:

  • Title in both Vietnamese and English, succinct and informative
  • Full names of authors, the corresponding author marked with: Affiliation with corresponding address; Email addresses (if applicable) of the listed authors.

Abstract in Vietnamese and English, succinctly introducing the objectives and results of the research being reported.

Content: a. Issue being researched (clearly state research objectives and currency of issue); b. Solving issue (research methods and content); c. Research results and discussion; d. Conclusions
References: only list references that were used with number in square brackets, in the following format:
  • For books, theses, reports: number, full name of authors or issuing agency, title, publisher, place of publication, year of publication.
  • For articles: number, full name of authors, title, journal, volume, number, year of publication, page number.
3. Address for submissions: DTU Journal of Science & Technology, DTU, 03 Quang Trung, Danang City; tel: 0236.3.82711, fax: 0236.3.650443, email:
Note: The editors only accept submissions prepared in accordance with the above standards. If rejected, the manuscript will not be returned.


  • DTU Journal of Science & Technology

  • ISSN:1859 - 4905

  • Lience: 1245/GP-BTTTT (05/08/2011)


    Room.13/3.6, Office of DTU Journal of Science & Technology at 03 Quang Trung, Danang 

    Tel.: 0236.3.82711 (ext 11336)

    Fax: 0236.3.650443


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