Research Areas

Research areas at DTU

The DTU team of researchers, who are professors, PhDs, or Masters graduated from famous universities in Vietnam and abroad, work on a great many lines of research in the fields of natural and social sciences which the international research community is particularly interested in.
Center for Materials Science:
- Electric, magnetic, and thermodynamic properties of materials under high pressure
- Electronic properties of two-dimensional materials
- Strongly correlated electronic systems
- Optic properties of rare-earth doped materials and nanomaterials.
Center for Information Technology and Communications:
- Information technology, security, and data security
- Information system management and knowledge management
- Dynamic system control, modeling, simulation and optimization, and thermodynamics.
Center for Molecular Biology:
- Molecular biology and infections
- Gene expression regulation in Microorganisms
- Microbiotechnology for Agriculture and Environmental protection
- Cell molecular biology, cancer, pharmacology
- Secondary compound biosynthesis, fermentation technology, and genetic engineering
- Genetics of stem cells and cancer
- Entomology, biodiversity, biodiversity conservation, and parasites
- Bioinformatics and genetics
- Cell genetics, diseases transmitted through vectors (vampire bugs, parasites, insects), and chemical resistance mechanisms in insects.
Center for Environmental Technology:
- Research of antioxidant compounds from natural sources using computational chemistry methods
- Design of new drugs using computational chemistry methods
- Research of fire retardant materials and fire safety solutions through experiments and modeling
- Research of heterogeneous catalysts and surface reaction mechanisms using computational chemistry methods.
Center for Advanced Chemistry:
- Nanomaterials for electronic and energy applications
- Materials synthesis for Biomedicine
- Materials for use in environmental protection
- Materials for water treatment membrane technology
- Extraction of natural compounds for medicine and pharmacy.
Center for Computing and Data Processing:
- Qualitative properties of elliptic and parabolic problems
- Domain decomposition method with balanced constraints and multiscale finite element method
- Variational methods and optimization problems.
Center for Construction, Mechanics and Materials:
- Artificial intelligence, optimization, simulation of construction material properties, and construction processes
- Experimentation on materials, simulation of material properties, and biochemical interactions with materials
- Mechanics, structural design, and underground structures.


  • Institute for Research and Development

    Address: Room 809, 03 Quang Trung, Danang

    Tel: 0236.3827.111 (ext 809)



  • Institute for Basic and Applied Research in HCM City 

    Address: 10C, Tran Nhat Duat, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

    Tel: 0283.6018.456

  • Institute of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Hanoi

  • Institute for Global Health Innovations 

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