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The School of Economics

When Duy Tan University was founded in 1994, it consisted of two faculties only, Information Technology and Foreign Languages, and added the Faculty of Business Administration in 1995, with majors in Accounting & Auditing, Business Administration, Finance & Credit, Economics & Tourism and Law. Later, in 1999, striving to meet increasing demand, the Boards of Trustees and of Provosts decided to split off the Accounting & Auditing and Finance & Credit majors from Business Administration and created the Faculty of Finance & Accounting.


Leaders and staff of the DTU School of Economics


In 2003, the Board of Provosts then separated the Faculty of Accounting, which became independent. DTU had previously offered a major in Law from 1994 to 1998 but the Ministry of Education & Training then temporarily revoked Law training in private universities until 2015. The DTU Faculty of Law was then founded in 2017, by moving the Law major from the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities.


In 2020, the DTU Board proposed the creation of member schools and the School of Economics was separated from the Faculties of Accounting and Business Administration, in accordance with the official amended government Law of University Education and DTU’songoing development strategy from 2020 to 2030


The School of Economics is one of DTU’s five new schools with the mission of educating Economics students to earn graduate and postgraduate degrees, conduct research and be fully-qualified to contribute to the development of Central Vietnam, the Central Highlands and Vietnam in general.

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