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DTU students of Economics, Management, Finance & Banking, and Digital Marketing programs have more job opportunities upon graduation

International collaboration to receive transfers of American-standard program and the extensive business relations to close the gap in training between university and businesses have made it possible for 95% of DTU students to find employment upon graduation. 
Especially, the COVID-19 pandemic has been gradually controlled, which opens more job opportunities in different economic sectors in 2022.
Diversified American-standard DTU majors
The DTU School of Business and Economics and the DTU International School currently offer the following majors: 
• General Business Administration,
• Business Administration in Real Estate,
• International Business Administration (Foreign Trade),
• Ecommerce, Commercial Business,
• Human Resource Management,
• Marketing Administration,
• Digital Marketing, 
• Corporate Finance,
• Banking
• Auditing,
• Corporate Accounting,
• State Accounting,
• PSU International-Standard Finance & Banking (Advanced and High-Quality program),
• PSU International-Standard Accounting & Auditing (Advanced and High-Quality program),
• PSU International-Standard Business Administration (Advanced and High-Quality program).
ÐH Duy Tân: H?c Kinh t?-Qu?n tr?, Tài chính-Ngân hàng, Digital Marketing, Logistics có vi?c làm ngay
DTU signs an agreement with Pennsylvania State University to share curricula
Enhancing the quality of education through international collaboration is crucial to be able to join the current globalized world. Since 2010 DTU has consistently improved its partnerships with well-known educational institutions and businesses, national and worldwide, to further enhance quality of education to adapt to evolving social requirements. 
To catch up with this trend, since 2010, DTU has been a partner of Pennsylvania State University, one of the fifty best universities in Business Management worldwide (according to U.S. News 2022), to offer programs in Business Administration, Accountancy, and Finance & Banking. Graduates of the DTU Advanced & High-Quality programs in Economics & Management receive from 19 to 24 PSU course completion certificates, recognized worldwide, and students have access to an international-level education solely in Vietnam, with expert lecturers, in a dynamic study environment. They can then go on to confidently start their own ventures and put their innovative ideas to practical use in everyday life.
Practical products designed by DTU students
The study environment and DTU, interdisciplinary and on a foundation of sufficient modern equipment, provide students with all opportunities to create their own meaningful products. 
DTU students have succeeded in their studies and in national and international contests at the same time, due to a dynamic study environment and an in-depth university education.
At DTU, not only students of Electrical-Electronics, IT, Construction, Architecture, and other Engineering disciplines, which have advantages in research and start-ups, are able to develop specific products, but also students of Management & Economics majors can create quality products for the community.  These products have been given national and international awards. 
Nguyen Thi Thanh was DTU’s highest-scoring applicant in 2015, with a score of 28.25. She enrolled in the Keuka College Business Administration program and won the prestigious Women in Business Award in the Go Green in the City contest in Atlanta in 2018. Her team had the idea of developing a braking system to convert friction into electrical energy, which was judged highly feasible.
ÐH Duy Tân: H?c Kinh t?-Qu?n tr?, Tài chính-Ngân hàng, Digital Marketing, Logistics có vi?c làm ngay
Nguyen Thi Thanh’s team receive the 2018 Women in Business Award (top left)
Trish Maguta (bottom left), Le Thi Thu Ngan presents her product 
Le Thi Thu Ngan was one of the highest-scoring DTU applicants in 2017 with a 28. Her team implemented the “SmartBed” project, which won several prizes, including a third prize at the 2020 National Entrepreneurship competition. The bed helps users detect abnormal symptoms in order to prevent and reduce dangerous diseases.
Meanwhile, foreign Economics & Management students at DTU win major awards in national competitions. For example Trish Maguta is a Business Administration student from Zimbabwe who came third at the CDIO Academy competition in 2018 and won a consolation prize at the STR Asia Pacific Student Market Study competition in Hong Kong in 2019.
On June 26, the Job Fair for DTU Students of Economics and Tourism took place with the participation of 59 local businesses in the field. Employers included Asia Commercial Bank, Da Nang Branch; Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Da Nang Branch; Yuanta Securities Vietnam Limited Company; Vietnam AVN Auditing Limited Company, Danang branch; MISA Joint Stock Company; Infoplus Limited; Nemo Property Joint Stock Company; etc. 
ÐH Duy Tân: H?c Kinh t?-Qu?n tr?, Tài chính-Ngân hàng, Digital Marketing, Logistics có vi?c làm ngay
The 2022 Career week
DTU collaborates with a lot of national and international groups and enterprises to broaden internship and career opportunities for students, including: Danang Sea Port, Danang Rubber Company, Agribank, Vietin Bank, BIDV, SeABank, Vietcombank, AFA, AAC, AISC, ATAX, AVN, TDK and so on. Many enterprises and businesses praise DTU students highly for their qualifications and offer them employment upon graduation. 
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