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The DTU 3+1 Program – A New Path to the Future

Nguyen Huong Trinh chose the DTU 3+1 articulation program shared with Coventry University in the UK, one of the most advanced education systems anywhere. Huong Trinh tells us about her experiences during her study abroad journey, in the “Foggy Albion” as she realizes her dream.
Huong Trinh in the UK 
The Correct Choice
I still remember, as if it were yesterday, my bewilderment at the end of grade 12 having to choose a field and a university. After some research, I was impressed with the education programs at DTU, but my preconceptions about public and private schools at that time made me think it over. My parents advised me that “the difference between a public school and a private school is not important, what matters is doing what you want to do and always doing your best, then you will succeed in any environment”. So I decided to sign up for the DTU 3+1 Affiliate Accounting and Auditing program. I spent three years studying at DTU, then transferred to the UK for my final year to obtain a Coventry University degree. 
When I first set foot in the DTU classrooms, I was convinced that I had made the best decision of my life. I was very proud to tell everyone that I was studying at DTU, fully confident that this well-known university was the most dynamic and creative environment to study in. DTU students are encouraged to broaden themselves by studying with expert Vietnamese and foreign lecturers, who are all very passionate and dedicated in their work.
DTU concerns itself with giving its students the best study and research environment and the Board of Provosts are eager to know their students’ thoughts and aspirations. At the end of each term, we can submit our opinion and evaluation of the university and our lecturers, with suggestions. This is one of the reasons why DTU is now much trusted by the many parents who recommend it to their children and others as the place to give wings to their dreams.
Coventry University: “Reach Out to Your Desires”
As soon as I arrived in the UK, I made a detailed plan for getting used to the weather, food, accommodation and study environment. I used to wonder if I would be able “to get in tune with” the new British study methods but later felt quite confident because things were somewhat similar to those at DTU. 
My English is quite good, so I could communicate with my new teachers and friends and am grateful to my DTU teachers for their support during my studies in Vietnam. I will complete my course well here because, day-by-day, I become more confident and get on well with all people I met. 
The Lecturers, staff and students at Coventry University are friendly and helpful. The campus is modern and convenient and there are also several interesting and entertaining clubs to join. 
Future Plans 
After completing the Bachelor’s degree program, I plan to continue to study for a Master’s degree at Coventry University. It will not be easy to overcome all the obstacles ahead. I believe however that, if I do my best, I will succeed. I value everything I have now, the time, the opportunity, the experience, and my old and new friends. Studying at Coventry University is precious experience for me and the DTU 3 + 1 program is the “Golden Gate” to help me realize my dreams. 
DTU offers Articulation and Study-Abroad programs to the US, the UK, Ireland, and Singapore:
- The 2+2 programs, with  degrees granted by Purdue University in Calumet, near Chicago, by Appalachian State University, in Boone, North Carolina and Medaille University, in Buffalo, New York.
- The 1+1+2 programs, with Lorain County Community College in Ohio and Green River College in Seattle, Washington.
- The 3+1 program, with a degree conferred by Coventry University in the UK.
These programs provide you with great opportunities to:
- experience study and living in developed countries
- get a degree granted by the UK, the US, Singapore and elsewhere
- enjoy highly-quality education
- obtain a study visa
- save cost
For further information, please come to:
The Study-Abroad Team at Duy Tan University
Room 503, Learning and Testing Center, 254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang
Hotline: 0969590555
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On Site Study Abroad
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