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DTU Enrolls 2019 Odontoid-Stomatology Students

DTU first offered a major in Odontoid-Stomatology in 2018, to meet strong demand in the health and beauty sectors and it has now become a very popular course.

Tuyển sinh ngành Bác sĩ Răng-Hàm-Mặt 2019

Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost, receives the 2018 Sao Khe Award for 3D virtual reality simulation


DTU Health Science students train in customized laboratories with an expert team of lecturers, consisting of 9 level 1 and 2 specialists, 34 PhDs and 28 Masters. They use special 3D Virtual Reality Technology software to simulate the human body in health science courses and research, which was developed by the DTU Center of Visualization & Simulation. The system is highly regarded for its contribution to the teaching of medicine and won an Award of Excellence in the 2016 Young Intellectual Education competition, first prize in the 2017 Vietnamese Talent contest and the Sao Khue Award for software excellence in 2018. 


DTU enrolls based on National High School Graduation Exam scores and applicants can choose from the following four subject sets for admission:


1.Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry (A00)

2. Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Literature (A16)

3. Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology (B00)

4. Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Anh (D90)


Points under consideration: subject 1 score + subject 2 score + subject 3 score, + preferential score based on area and target.


In 2019, DTU will award scholarships to qualified Odontoid-Stomatology applicants:


  1. 50 full or partial scholarships totaling 17 billion vnd for the American On-Site Study-Abroad degree program: to: 


  • Students who obtain a first, second, third or consolation prize in a national skilled student contest or in a national science or technology contest held by the Ministry of Education and Training.
  • Students with a combined High School Graduation exam score of 22 or more.


  1. 720 DTU scholarships totaling 1 billion vnd for Odontoid-Stomatology applicants with High School Graduation three-subject exam score three points higher than the admissions minimum.


For detailed information, please contact the DTU Enrollment Center

254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang

Hotlines: 1900.2252 - 0905.294390 - 0905.294391



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