Duration: 4.5  years


Training programs


- Students learn about the organizations and institutions involved in the electronic media and the impact of those organizations and institutions on society.
- Students can study the effects of the media; the economics and management of the media; how video, audio, and multimedia messages are created; and many other aspects of telecommunications.


Working skills

Graduates are able to:

- Operate and maintain electronics, telecommunication and communication systems (switchboards, television, transmission lines)
- Design and construct telecommunication systems (mobile, cable television, satellite television, microwave engineering, fibre cable channels and so on)
- Design and manufacture automatic systems that serve production and life.
- Design communications hardware and software for media regulation.


Career prospects

Graduates can work at:


- Telecommunication Companies such as Vinaphone, Mobiphone, Viettel, EVN Telecom, Sfone.

- Companies that Manage and Maintain Telecommunication Networks such as VTI, VTN, VDC, local switchboards.

- TV stations, television service companies.

- Companies of Telecommunication Equipment such as CISCO, ERICSSON, ALCATEL, SIEMENS, NOKIA, ZTE, HUAWEI, FPT.

- Companies that design chips such as Intel, Renesas (Japan), Acromic (HCM City and Danang Branch), ESilicon (HCM City, Dalat and Danang branch).

- Enterprises with network systems and communication systems.

- Vocational schools, colleges and universities.

Academic Programs


  • Year of founding: 2009

    Address: Room 503, DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 03 Quang Trung, Danang

    Tel: 0236.3827.111 (ext 503)



    - Creative award in the 2015 National Festival for Creative Youth with project entitled  "A Robot that Guides pedestrians across the street”, awarded by the HCM Communist Youth Union Central Committee, 

    - CDIO Basic 2nd prize in the CDIO Academy 2013 held at MIT & Harvard University in America with project entitled “Solar and Battery-Powered Alphabet Blocks”,

    - Third prize in the 2014 National Robocon Contest,  

    - Consolation prize for Microcontroller Design awarded by Texas Instruments in 2013,  - First prize at the 2014 Student Research Conference

    - First prize for a paper at the Students’ Science Conference and one Impressive prize for the display of a research project in 2014.


    - Third prize in the 11th Technology Innovation competition in Danang

    - Creative Labor plaque awarded by the Vietnam Labor Federation in 2012.

    -  Creative Labor cup awarded by the Danang Labor Union in 2011.

    -  Certificate of Merit granted by MOET in 2013,

    -  Certificates of Merit granted by the Chairman of Danang People’s committee in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2010

    -  Best paper award at the ComManTel 2014, to Ha Dac Binh.

    -  A Certificate of Merit awarded by DTU in recognition of significant research achievements  in 2013, 2014 and 2015.   

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