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It used to be difficult to enroll in advanced, international-level education and explore the cultures of other countries.There used to be problems researching information on appropriate universities and handling language barriers. Now, it is much easier because of the variety of educational programs developed in collaboration with well-known universities worldwide. As the very first private and now the biggest private university in Central Vietnam, Duy Tan University has established high-quality courses, exchange and On-Site Study-Abroad programs, with attractive advantages to satisfy the needs of students and parents alike.

Lễ Khai giảng chương trình Du học Tại chỗ liên kết với Đại học Troy tại Đại học Duy Tân
The Opening Ceremony of the DTU On-Site Study-Abroad programs in partnership with Troy University 
Advantages of overseas affiliate study programs over full-time overseas studies
- Students learn more about their prospective majors, the culture of foreign countries and language requirements in advance, allowing them to integrate quickly on arrival. 
- Initial studying at home in Vietnam allows students to conserve living expenses and tuition fees, compared with studying abroad for the full duration. At the same time, they graduate with a valuable international degree from a reputable foreign university.
- An Embassy visa interview is always a challenge for students planning to study abroad. The partnership programs allow students to fully experience life at two universities, by providing them the necessary guidance on language requirements and the visa interview process in advance, optimizing the highest approval rates.
Overseas study programs currently offered at DTU
DTU is enrolling for foreign study programs, in collaboration with well-known universities in the US and UK
Overseas studies
- The partnership with Coventry University in the UK, DTU offers 3+1 overseas study programs in Business Administration, Finance, Hotel Management and Tourism, and IT. The first three years of study take place at DTU, followed by a transfer to the UK in the final year to graduate with a Coventry University Bachelor’s degree.
-  In affiliation with Appalachian State University, part of the University of North Carolina network, DTU offers a 2+2 overseas study program. The first two years at DTU focuses on English and basic studies. Then, in their final two years at ASU, students complete their studies to graduate with an Appalachian State University Bachelor’s degree.
- In partnership with Medaille College, DTU offers a 2+2 overseas study program in Accounting and Business Administration. In their first two years at DTU, students specialize on English and general subjects. The final two years are completed in America, where they finally graduate with Medaille College Bachelor’s degree.
- In affiliation with Lorain County Community College, DTU offers 1+1+2 overseas study programs in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Marketing, Tourism and IT. In their first year at DTU, students focus on English language and several foundation subjects, all taught in English. In the second year, or later, depending on their English language ability, they continue their studies at Lorain County Community College for one year, where they graduate with an LCCC Associate Bachelor’s degree. Then, after two more years at Lorain or another DTU partner, such as Ohio State University, Kent State University, Toledo University or Cleveland State University, they graduate with an American Bachelor’s degree.
On-Site Study-Abroad programs
- In partnership with Troy University, DTU offers On-Site Study-Abroad programs with an American degree in Hotel Management and Tourism, and IT. Students spend all four years at in Vietnam at DTU, sharing curricula with Troy University, entirely in English. On graduation, Troy University awards degrees. Lecturers are generally from Troy University, supplemented by some experienced, English-speaking DTU faculty. This program also offers the additional opportunity of a one-semester or one-year exchange abroad, or the ability to attend graduation ceremonies at Troy University.
- In affiliation with Keuka College, DTU offers a major in Business Administration with an American degree. Students join the four-year On-Site Study Study-Abroad program in Business Administration at DTU, where all subjects are taught completely in English. Keuka College lecturers teach 70% of the courses, and DTU’s foreign lecturers the rest. 
- DTU always offers favorable scholarship policies for applicants of these programs. As the number is on the rise, more and more well-known universities worldwide are choosing to partner with DTU on affiliate programs, and students can be assured that DTU will continue to initiate even more international partnerships to meet local demand.


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On Site Study Abroad
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