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The School of Engineering and Technology

During DTU restructuring, the School of Technology was created by the integration of five faculties and three centers, the Faculty of Civil Engineering (1997), the Faculty of Architecture (2006), the Faculty of Environmental & Chemical Engineering (2008), the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (2009), the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Center for Electrical Engineering (CEE), the Center for Mechatronics (CME), and the Center for Graphic Design, with the goal of becoming a leading international authority in the field of Engineering & Technology education.


The School aims to graduate students with the necessary knowledge, adaptability and professional research skills to meet local and global demand. There are 105 full-time staff, including 38 PhDs conducting research and lecturing, many of whom graduated from universities in the US, England, Germany, France, Canada, Taiwan, Russia and China, who also publish papers in international ISI-indexed journals and may have previous business experience with local or foreign companies.


Professor Niaz Latif, Dean of the College of Technology and Executive Director of the Commercialization & Manufacturing Excellence Center at Purdue University Northwest, signs an advanced curriculum transfer agreement with DTU Provost Dr Le Nguyen Bao


The School of Technology partners with several well-known universities in the US, the UK, South Korea and Taiwan to offer Bachelor and Master degrees in IT, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Tourism and Business Administration.


In 2012, DTU jointly established a network of universities to facilitate integration into the ASEAN labor market, through the creation of the Passage to ASEAN (P2A) organization and its recent recognition by ten ASEAN countries, enables DTU students to intern in ASEAN companies. For example, Singapore Polytechnic helps train six DTU Civil Engineering and Architecture lecturers yearly and has gifted lab equipment and library books to DTU. At the same time, Singapore Polytechnic sends students to Vietnam where they join DTU students in local community activities.


The School of Technology currently has 2,000 students and, over the past 25 years, has graduated 25 with Masters degrees, 10,000 engineers and architects with Bachelor degrees and 1,000 vocational high school graduates. 95% of them find employment within one year at home and abroad, as business owners, managers, professional technicians, in key positions in government and business, making significant contributions to the country’s development. The School is currently a member of the CDIO organization and the Faculty of Civil Engineering is a member of the Danang Bridge & Road and the Danang Construction associations. Its Electrical and Electronic Engineering program has received a six-year accreditation from ABET.


The School of Technology has always concentrated on technology research, with 1,621 projects completed so far. From 2015 to 2019, 751 ISI and 38 Scopus papers were published, in addition to 5 completed Nafosted projects, 2 provincial projects, 183 papers in specialized journals, 359 papers in domestic journals or at conferences, 11 Vietnamese books, 2 patents and 336 student research projects. Many of the papers were published in renowned international journals, such as The Lancet, JAMA and the Physical Review Letters journals, culminating in thousands of citations.


The School’s lecturers have won many impressive awards. The “Networked Societies” project was initiated to establish a communications network for use in disasters, in collaboration with Queen’s University in Belfast, and won a 2017 Vietnamese Newton prize. In 2018, the School first published in the Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems Journal, in collaboration with the European Alliance for Innovation. Student research activity has increased, with 233 projects winning 94 local and international prizes. The most outstanding 29 of these ese included the CDIO World Cup at Harvard University in 2013, in Finland in 2016, Canada in 2017 and Japan in 2018; a Women in Business Award at the worldwide Go Green-In-The-City contest in Atlanta in 2018, the Championship at the Asia-Pacific contest, on the design of earthquake-resistant buildings, in Taiwan in 2014; and many first prizes at National Olympiads. These numbers are still quite modest, but prove the School’s resolve and efforts.


The DTU School of Technology’s vision is to become an international center for top-quality education and research, to educate engineers and technologists to meet international qualifications and demand.

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