The Pharmacology major is continuing to attract much interest, as the demand for healthcare workers is rapidly increasing. This major provides knowledge of drugs, their production, distribution, quality, management and usage instructions and is based on the Chemistry and Biology sciences.

Duration: 5 years
Training Program
Students will be educated in:
- Drug production and development, including ways of producing raw materials and the formulation, preparation, and production of common drugs.
- Clinical Pharmacy, consulting and providing information on drugs. 
- Drug trade and management, to manage, trade and provide drugs.
- Drug quality and testing procedures.
- Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy, to identify, conserve, cultivate, process, produce and exploit medicinal herbs. 
Working skills
- Produce medicine: selecting and producing various types of medicine, special food and cosmetics.
- Clinical pharmacy: analyzing clinical drug use, consulting and instructing on appropriate drug use for patients, identifying sources of information.
- Drug trade and management: implementing management techniques and economical systems to select, procure and distribute drugs and health services appropriately to local communities.
- Drug quality assurance: measuring and processing data concerning the quality of drugs, special foods and cosmetics, developing improved quality and the testing procedures.
- Traditional medicine and pharmacy: distinguishing between medicinal herbs, their production and processing, consulting and teaching about the use of medicinal herbs and other medicinal products. 
Career prospects
- Clinical pharmacist: works in hospitals, responsible for providing quantity and quality assurance and consults with doctors in prescribing them.
- Preparatory Pharmacist: studies the drug production process.
- Pharmacist: retail pharmacist, wholesaler and importer.
- Pharmacy worker: works on drug management, treatment and production and supervises the quality of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and special foods.
- Lecturer: teaches, conducts research and manages training programs.
Academic Programs


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