Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology

Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology



With its major of Doctor of  Odonto-Stomatology, DTU wishes to train physicians with good medical ethics, solid knowledge, professional talent, and the professional skills in medicine and odonto-stomatology necessary to identify problems, diagnose, and cure them as well as to meet people’s requirements for tooth and oral care and esthetics. This way, the university wishes to help meet students’ study requirement and provide society with a high-quality workforce in odonto-stomatology.


Duration: 6 years


Working skills


The DTU Odonto-Stomatology program is designed to offer a solid foundation of medical knowledge and skills, about the structure, function and operation of the human chewing system, scientific methods of disease prevention and treatment, odonto-stomatologic research, the diagnosis and treatment of common odonto-stomatologic diseases, like tooth decay, periodontitis  and dental infections, dental deviation, tooth loss, cancer, congenital malformations, facial trauma and infection and the treatment of odonto-stomatologic emergencies, such as bleeding after tooth extractions, dental pulpitis, fractures of the jaw and the combined use of traditional and modern medicine to treat and prevent odonto-stomatologic issues.


Career prospects


Because of the urgent need for doctors of odonto-stomatologic, graduates will have excellent job opportunities with attractive salaries.  Graduates can work at training institutions, medical institutions, perform medical examinations at practices and at odonto-stomatology departments at national and local hospitals, and in particular one can manage or open an odonto-stomatology practice to serve people’s need for tooth and oral care.

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