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Passage To ASEAN Association (P2A) was founded in 2012 by a group of five ASEAN universities: Rangsit University (Thailand), Duy Tan University (Vietnam), Norton University (Cambodia), National University of Laos (Laos), and Myanmar Computer Company Training Institute, Ltd (Myanmar) decided to step up their roles as educators and to address this challenge of imminent in diverse ASEAN Community. Guided by this community's vision of peace and harmony, and driven by the core beliefs that education shapes nations, the concept of Passage to ASEAN (P2A) was born with the objective of uniting higher education institutions in ASEAN countries to advance the promotion of cultural appreciation and workforce education amongst its youth.
Since 2012 the organization grew from 5 to 130 members, its current size uniting more than one million students across 9 ASEAN member states. During the 2015 4th P2A Member Meeting held in Da Nang, Vietnam, the P2A members also resolved to register this informal network to become a formal institution. 
On 6th January 2020, under the support of the P2A Secretariat currently operated by Duy Tan University, Vietnam, the application of P2A to be an entity associated with ASEAN has been approved. P2A is listed in Annex 2 of the ASEAN Charter under the category of “Think Tanks and Academic Institutions” and has been approved by the ASEAN Secretariat and 10 ASEAN Member States.
Hành trình đến ASEAN - P2A
Closing Ceremony of P2A Hybrid Mobility in Hospitality & Tourism 2023, in Duy Tan University
P2A has agreed upon English as its common language, to gradually understand the various educational programs and diplomas offered in each country, to facilitate the mobility of the ASEAN workforce and provide better career opportunities for graduates. 
P2A brings ASEAN universities and educational institutions together to understand each other and forge friendships. Participating in the P2A, with programs to enhance study techniques and innovative activities, will help students discover and explore different cultures. Also, they get a better understanding of potential future career opportunities in the ASEAN region. 
Learning more about the role of P2A and actively taking part in P2A activities, DTU students have made a significant contribution to the development of ASEAN while broadening international career opportunities.   
Significant activities
- P2A Journey 
- P2A Virtual/ Hybrid Mobility by Disciplines
- P2A Entrepreneurship Hackathon 
- P2A ASEAN In One
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