Learning Express

Leaning Express

Initiated in 2011 at Singapore Polytechnic, Learning Express is one of the most practical programs for educational development and integration. DTU and others have favorably recognized its practical advantages, the sharing of technology, the increase in public awareness, the broadening of cultural exchanges and connections to colleagues in the ASEAN region.

Joining hands with students in ASEAN countries in the Learning Express program

Starting in 2012, DTU has used Learning Express to partner with the other members, including the Singapore Polytechnic, which has also contributed to the outstanding achievements of DTU at several national and international competitions.


Held annually, Learning Express offers many interesting and important opportunities. At the sixth session in 2017, students from the two universities visited local Vietnamese craft villages together to learn about weaving sleeping-mats in Dong Binh, rice paper-making in Dien Phuong and casting bronze in Phuoc Kieu. By creatively applying what they had learned on their Design Thinking course, students then recommended potential new craft products and suggested ways to improve current production. Meanwhile they went sightseeing in Danang, to Pham Van Dong Beach, the Linh Ung Pagoda and Hoi An to explore the local culture and people.


Learning Express helps students learn and exchange information with the more prosperous ASEAN countries and contributes to the promotion of global development. Previous programs taught new learning methods and improved student self-confidence and their knowledge of the ASEAN labor market. DTU was visionary in pioneering Learning Express in Vietnam in their quest for global recognition.


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