Biotechnology is the process of using technologies and techniques to manipulate living organisms, cells, in vitro/in vivo, etc., to create products with superior characteristics desired by humans. 
Biotechnology is applied in a wide range of formulation and production processes such as: drug manufacturing, food production; industrial chemical formulation and production; development of plant and animal breeds; application of genetic technology, medical testing, etc. Biotechnology also forms the basis for the development across all fields including: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Medicine and Pharmacy, Food Processing, Environmental Protection, Energy, Chemistry, and Materials, etc.
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Duration: 4 years
Training program:
Students pursuing a degree in Biotechnology at DTU will receive systematic training ranging from basic to advanced knowledge, from theory to practice. In addition to basic knowledge of biochemistry, cell, microbiology, etc., students will be equipped with in-depth knowledge of currently highly regarded technology processes such as: Genetic Technology, Microbial Technology, Enzyme and Protein Technology, etc.
Furthermore, the DTU Biotechnology program aims to combine theoretical learning with the research and development of projects and scientific topics. Students will not only participate in scientific research conducted by PhDs in Biotechnology but will also have opportunities to visit companies and prestigious research institutes both domestically and internationally to learn and enhance their professional knowledge and skills. 
Working skills
Students will be trained in professional skills such as:
- Collecting and measuring samples for analysis and research in biotechnology at laboratories
- Using modern, highly applicable experimental methods
- Analyzing indicators in food product quality, microbiological indicators, and applications in environmental fields, etc.
- Managing and operating activities in the field of biotechnology, etc.
Career prospects
Biotechnology graduates can work in the following positions:
- Laboratory technicians in healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics, preventive medicine centers, etc.
- Technicians in laboratories, testing, analysis, quality management, inspection of enterprises, production facilities, pharmaceuticals and functional foods testing centers, etc.
- Researchers in experimental biology, genetics, microbiology, biomedical science, pharmacology at research institutes and centers
- Staff in research and development departments at production facilities, companies related to the field of biotechnology such as pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, functional food companies, biotechnology product companies, etc.
- Specialists in governmental agencies related to biotechnology in various ministries, departments; non-governmental organizations, etc.
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