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The DTU Law and Economic Law Degree Program: A Mission of Justice

In these times of global integration, it is essential that universities graduate experts in national and foreign laws to meet increasing international demand. Vietnam’s economy is developing steadily, with many new multinational businesses emerging. At the same time, workforce requirements are diversifying because of evolving partnerships and competition, so the study of Economic Law is now more important than ever as companies need to fully understand current legislation to expand effectively.  
Ngành Lu?t và Lu?t Kinh t?: S? m?nh c?a cán cân công lý
DTU holds supplementary student seminars as part of the Law program
DTU has been focusing on improving education standards by offering majors in Law and Economic Law to applicants who are eager to pursue a career in those subjects. Students gain an in-depth knowledge of legal matters, taught the prerequisite special terminology and develop special skills, including advanced abilities in legal reasoning, consulting, the resolution of economic law issues and how to work individually or in a team. Meanwhile, they perfect their English, negotiation, communication and presentation skills and gain self-confidence. 
Ngành Lu?t và Lu?t Kinh t?: S? m?nh c?a cán cân công lý
DTU holds many seminars for students to update knowledge of law 
DTU Law students learn about the basics of Law and, depending on the minor they choose, additional special topics, including Banking & Finance Law, Land Law, the Labor Code, Administration Law, Commercial Law, Medical Ethics, Enterprise Law, Lawyer Ethics & Regulation, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal Procedure and have access to multimedia and legal practice rooms, the Center for Socioeconomic Research and the Center for Legal Consulting. 
DTU uses the advanced, international Problem-Based Learning / Project-Based Learning, (PBL), teaching method in Economic Law and has developed an in-depth curriculum, including seminars and Moot Courts, where students learn about the practical work of a lawyer and become familiar with court procedures while still at university.
An Economic Law degree: Guaranteed employment 
Global integration has escalated relationships with foreign companies. Law graduates play a vital role in interpreting laws for business startups and economic strategies. Vietnam recently joined the WTO, APEC and CPTPP, (previously the TPP), and Vietnamese companies are now facing increasing opportunities and challenges, providing qualified Economic Law graduates with excellent opportunities to refine their abilities. 
Ngành Lu?t và Lu?t Kinh t?: S? m?nh c?a cán cân công lý
DTU students take part in a Moot Court
The DTU Economic Law program teaches how to:
- solve issues arising in business, trade and government
- deal with issues in finance, money markets, banking and the stock market
- carry out civil and criminal proceedings
- apply legal principles participate in, advise and defend parties in business disputes
- work independently in law-related fields, as lawyers, notaries or legal consultants
Graduates are equipped with sound knowledge of economic legal matters and continue to expand their self-confidence, negotiation, communication, presentation, teamwork and special English terminology skills, which guarantee excellent career prospects and broaden their skills even further when they enter an international business environment. 
Ngành Lu?t và Lu?t Kinh t?: S? m?nh c?a cán cân công lý
DTU students take part in a Moot Court
Graduates will work as: 
- Legal executives who consult, analyze, evaluate and solve business problems in business activities
- Experts who ensure that company economic activities observe state policies and international conventions
- Lawyers or paralegals
- Legal assistants and specialists
- Notaries
- Financial consultants
- HR professionals
- Lecturers and researchers in Economic Law
- Government positions, in the judiciary or as procurers in companies, factories and joint ventures   
DTU continues to award preferential scholarships to Law and Economic Law students:
- 700 Scholarships, worth from 500,000 to 2 million dong each, for applicants with a high school transcript score of 22 or above 
- 450 DTU scholarships, worth from one to five million dong each, for applicants with high school graduation scores from five to ten points higher than the admission requirements
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