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A Major in Office Administration



The DTU Bachelor of Economics in Office Administration course teaches basic economics and advanced office administration, in order to graduate students to meet the increasing local workforce requirements of government, business and community organizations.

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Students collect and process information; give advice and propose solutions to problems; help their managers efficiently maintain information systems and applications; develop systems for standard office processes; draft, transmit and archive documents; and organize events, meetings and various other activities. At the same time, they must promote the image of their organization; maintain office facilities and equipment; and communicate, manage and ensure the best relationships with partners, clients, local organizations and the community.


Training objectives


  • To provide a basic understanding of management science, office work and office administration;
  • To teach methods to organize and operate offices at government agencies, social organizations and enterprises.
  • To develop the capabilities and qualities of a manager or office professional.
  • To teach how to implement office operations, such as information system administration; HR management; facilities management; secretarial and reception jobs; general advisory work; clerical and archival work; inspecting and evaluating office activities; communication and public relations.
  • To develop administrative and soft skills; making presentations; time management; conflict management and resolution.
  • To develop international integration capabilities and lifelong learning.
  • To teach how to solve problems ethically.
  • To teach how to make use of informatics and new technologies in the office.
  • To promote the use English for communication and the translation of office documents.


Career prospects


  • Specialist, general or HR office administration staff in government agencies and local or national business.
  • Administrators, such as receptionists, clerks, archivers or administrative assistants, program or project analysts in all types of organizations.
  • Administrative executives or managers.
  • Office Administration lecturers or researchers at educational facilities and research establishments, including high schools, colleges and universities.

Academic Programs


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