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DTU Offers Master's Degree in Pharmacology Management

DTU was authorized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training to offer a Master's Degree in Pharmacology Management, after seven years of teaching Health Science. The opening ceremony of the first accredited postgraduate course was held on January 12. 
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân m? ngành Th?c si T? ch?c Qu?n lý Du?c
Dr. Nguyen Minh Loi addresses the opening ceremony
Dr. Loi, Deputy-Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Training said: “It’s a special time to congratulate DTU on the opening the first Master of Pharmacology Management degree program. 2019 also celebrates the 25th anniversary of DTU and 10 years of Health education here. I would now like to welcome the 23 new postgraduate students.”
DTU partners in Health Science with the University of Illinois and the University of Pittsburgh, two big American medical universities, and with the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore. These advanced programs share international curricula and offer exchange programs for interns and staff to broaden their education and professional skills. The students are taught using the highly-advanced PBL and TBL teaching methods used in leading medical universities worldwide. The two-year full-time course teaches pharmacolgy statutes, management, administration and legislation.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân m? ngành Th?c si T? ch?c Qu?n lý Du?c
Pharmacology students experiment in the DTU laboratory  
Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice-Provost, explained: “There are currently only five universities offering Masters of Pharmacy degrees in Vietnam. Three of them are public, Hanoi University of Pharmacology, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacology and the University of Medicine and Pharmacology in Ho Chi Minh city. After much preparation, DTU now offers this advanced degree program to meet the increasing demand for expert pharmacology professionals and meanwhile maintain our excellent reputation, provide proper guidance to our staff and lecturers and graduate experts in their field. This new program is the first step in adding more postgraduate degree programs in Medicine, Pharmacology and Nursing in the near future.”
Only 23 of the many applicants were accepted. Most of them already work in clinics, hospitals and pharmacies, or as university lecturers. They will be lectured by experienced pharmacologists, conduct their own research and intern in dynamic, state-of-the-art environments.
For further information about Pharmacology education at DTU, please see: Bachelor’s Degrees and Master’s Degrees in Pharmacology.  
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