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Master of Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation Management Degree Program

On March 13rd, DTU held an opening ceremony for its Master’s program in Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation Management, ETIM. Mr. André Schneider, Coordinator of the ETIM program; Ms. Tran Phuong Anh, Director of the ETIM program in Southeast Asia, members of the DTU Board of Provosts, the Dean of the DTU Graduate School and students of the ETIM program attended. 

L? Khai gi?ng Th?c si Qu?n tr? Công ngh?, Ð?i m?i Sáng t?o và Kh?i nghi?p  
Students of the ETIM program receiving Erasmus+ scholarships

The ETIM is run in partnership with the University of Koblenz, in Landau, Germany, offering programs in Education, Arts, Social Science and Humanities, Computer Science and Psychology. It has become known as the “Entrepreneurship University”, a part of the national EXIST program of the German Ministry of Economics. This is the first time that the two universities have collaborated.      

The joint objective of the experienced Vietnamese and German lecturers of DTU and the University of Koblenz is to train professionals to be ready to start up new companies. On graduation, Master of Science degrees in Information Management will be awarded, specializing in Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation Management, accredited by the German government. 

L? Khai gi?ng Th?c si Qu?n tr? Công ngh?, Ð?i m?i Sáng t?o và Kh?i nghi?p  
Ton That Binh speaks at the opening ceremony

After the selection process, the five leading ETIM students received Erasmus+ scholarships, dedicated to providing them with a European education and an international exchange, including two-way airline tickets, 800 euros a month and insurance for three months of study in Germany.    
Ton That Binh, a recipient, said: “I believe that after three-months of study in Germany and graduating with my ETIM Master of Science degree I will become knowledgeable, self-confident and experienced enough to start up my own business and provide more career opportunities for others.”  

Six DTU lecturers have already attended a training course at the University of Koblenz and there will be additional exchange programs in the future. 

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