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The Opening of the DTU K4 Doctoral and K15 Master’s Program

On January 15th, DTU held the opening ceremony of the K4 Doctoral and K15 Master’s Program. Associate Professor Le Duc Toan, DTU Vice-Provost and Director of DTU Graduate School, DTU lecturers, staff and prospective students attended.  
Dr. Nguyen Gia Nhu
The Prime Minister of Vietnam and MOET approved the DTU Master’s programs in 2009 and PhD programs in 2013. Until now, DTU has enrolled 35 PhD students into the Computer Science and Business Management programs, with over 2,000 graduates in Master’s courses in Computer Science, Business Management, Accounting and Civil Engineering. DTU is the first private university in Vietnam to offer PhD programs in Computer Science and Business Management.

PhD and Master’s candidates at the event

Dr. Nguyen Gia Nhu, Vice-Director of the DTU Graduate School, announced a list of 7 PhD students for the K4 Doctoral program and 240 candidates for the K15 Master’s course.  

Le Vinh Bieu, a K15 candidate, said: “We would like to thank DTU for supporting us in passing the entrance exam. We will observe the course rules and work hard to achieve the best results and make major contributions to our organization.”

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