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The Opening of the DTU K2 PhD’s and K11 Master’s Programs

On November 29th, DTU held the opening ceremony of the K2 PhD’s and K11 Master’s Programs. Attendees included Associate Professor Le Duc Toan and Dr. Vo Thanh Hai - DTU Vice-Provosts - Deans, Directors of DTU Centers and students of the program.       
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai speaks at the ceremony
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai said: “DTU celebrated its 20th anniversary on November 11th. Over the past twenty years of development, DTU has made steady progress in education and training to supply the local labor market with highly-qualified employees. So far, DTU has achieved many significant accomplishments and has become a trusted institution for students, both locally and nationwide. This is a great motivation for DTU to make more and more efforts.”

At the event, Dr. Ho Van Nhan, Vice Director of the DTU Graduate School, announced a list of thirteen PhD candidates for the 2nd course, including nine in Business Administration and four in Computer Science. Of the total of a168 Master’s candidates for the 11th course, there were 108 in Business Administration, 35 in Accounting, 13 in Construction and 12 in Computer Science. The DTU Graduate School also presented details of the academic programs, their content and plans for the various majors to the candidates.
A lot of post-graduates attend the ceremony

Tran Trung Son, a PhD candidate, said: “I believe that with its modern facilities and advanced academic programs, DTU provides us with many more opportunities for further study and research. We will follow the course regulations and work hard to get the best results and contribute to the development of DTU as well.”
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