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An Elderly Student Enrolls in the MBA program at DTU

Mr. Le Phuoc Thiet is 82 and has just enrolled in the MBA course at DTU. After reading “Nam tháng dâng Ngu?i”, written by Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, the DTU President and Provost, Mr. Thiet investigated the DTU MBA program, offered in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University, and decided to start studying at DTU to “wake up” his mind, saying “we are never too old to learn”.
Mr. Le Phuoc Thiet visits DTU
During the struggle against the French, the young Le Phuoc Thiet joined the Vietnamese revolution as a guerilla. He was arrested and tortured. When he came out of prison, he emigrated to America as a refugee, where he has lived for 25 years. He recently decided to come back to his home in Ai My in Quang Nam province, where he has participated in many social and charitable activities.

In June 2001, Le Phuoc Thiet graduated from California State University at the age of 68, which surprised all of his seven children. They were even more surprised to learn that their father had decided to study for a Master’s degree in Business Administration at DTU at 81! Mr. Thiet said: “I want to be a role model for my grandchildren, who are too lazy to study.”
Mr. Nguyen Dinh Ba, who is the former Principal of Huynh Ngoc Hue High School, said: “I gave Mr. Thiet some books about the life of Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co. These inspired Mr. Thiet to study at DTU. I also told him about DTU students who used to study at Huynh Ngoc Hue High School and got excellent jobs on graduation. Annually, 35% of pupils of Huynh Ngoc Hue High school pass their university entrance exam and many of them choose to study at DTU. That was why Mr. Thiet made up his mind overnight and came with me to DTU to enroll.”
While studying at DTU, Mr. Thiet wants to enjoy student life. He has visited the DTU DMC - 579 dormitories and is ready to start on his new journey. He has already become a respected role model for younger generations to follow. DTU students will be proud that he has a passion to study. His enthusiasm will be shared by generations of DTU students and will motivate them to study harder for their future careers.

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