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DTU Welcomes an Eighty-Three-Year-Old MBA Student

On August 1st, Duy Tan University held the opening ceremony of K12 Master’s program. One hundred and forty-five students were admitted for Computer Science, Business Administration, Accounting and Construction courses. One of them, Mr. Le Phuoc Thiet, who holds a Bachelor of Finance degree from California State University, is 83 and was granted free tuition, as leaders of the university, his fellow students, children and grandchildren cheered him on.
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost speaks at the ceremony
Professor Nguyen Trong Tue, Vice-Head of the Graduate and Postgraduate Academic Affairs Department, announced the decisions by DTU Provosts to allocate 144 places for DTU Master’s programs and the exceptional one relating to Mr. Le Phuoc Thiet. Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, expressed his feelings. He said: “The moment has come for us to admit that natural resources have their limits. If our country wants to develop beyond the exploitation of these precious resources appropriately, it will have to depend on our knowledge power. With this in mind, DTU has for many years been putting much work into international collaboration and in improving education to the highest standards. In its graduate level education, DTU is determined to build a high-quality team of lecturers to encourage their students to create research projects to invent innovative products that meet our special needs. DTU welcomes a very special student. Mr. Thiet, at 83, is still searching for further knowledge. His inquisitive spirit is an example that all you students should aspire to.” 
Mr. Thiet is originally from Quang Nam Province. He graduated from California State University when he was almost 70. With seven children to raise, he postponed his dream to study until he returned to Vietnam. At 82, when he read the memoirs of Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co and heard about the DTU Master’s degree program in Business Administration, based on the MBA program of Penn State University, he quickly enrolled.
Mr. Le Phuoc Thiet, 83, second from left in the first row
“I am very happy to be here today, and the honor is even higher now that my tuition has been waived,” said Mr. Thiet. “This is not a normal scholarship for a poor student, but it comes from academics with a passion for education, who always do their utmost to encourage those with a need for learning to come to DTU for new knowledge. I am not studying here in order to start a new business or pursue a new career. I am doing it solely out of a desire for learning, to give a meaning to my retirement and to foster a love of learning in my grandchildren.”
This is the 12th course after DTU was allowed in 2009 by the Ministry of Education and Training to offer Master’s degrees. DTU has enrolled about 1,200 students in Computer Science, Business Administration, Accounting, and Construction so far. With these years of successful education at graduate level, DTU was then allowed in 2013 to train PhDs in Computer Science and Business Administration. With the philosophy of “High-quality education closely linked with empirical research on a modern humanist basis” and emulating the long-time idea of “Teaching to become a person before becoming famous”, DTU is determined to train its students to dedicate their hearts and minds to the development of our country.
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