Interior Design

Interior Design

The Interior Design major educates professionals in the design of harmonious coloring, lighting and the layout of living space conforming to the principles of Feng Shui, synthesizing arts and science.
Duration: 4 years
Training program
- This major is based on the Industrial Arts Design and Media Education program at the Singapore Polytechnic University.
- The classes are organized with 35 students, ensuring that number does not exceed 20 per lecturer, to learn and interact with the lecturers, to enhance their creativity and effectiveness.
- Students learn about Typography, Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Advertising, Packaging Design, Web & Application Design, the Games Industry and Film-making techniques.
- Students work in the Silver Swallows Studio, using modern equipment, including a top-of-the-line computer system, a projection room equipped with a large screen and sound proofing, and the latest software, such as Pro Tools, 3DS Max, 3D Maya and Zbrush. 
Working skills
- Students will master the foundations of basic art and design methods and applied techniques, using international graphic design applications. 
- They will be able to draw or sketch using different media, such as pencil and watercolors.
- The will be able to use advanced graphic software for brand design, web design, game design, film and 3D design applications for mobile and other devices.
- They will be able to integrate design with communications, the arts and commerce to meet the demands of contemporary, creative entertainment.
- They will be able to analyze aesthetic trends and discover and develop new graphic design concepts.
- They will be able to develop and finalize appealing, high-application graphics projects.
- They will be able to analyze graphics projects and plan the projects effectively.
- They will be able to learn more about professional design environment in Vietnam and worldwide. 
Career prospects
- To become consultants and designers at advertising and event companies, in studios, newspaper offices, publishing houses and so on.
- Owners of design companies or studios.
- Freelancers.
- Teachers, consultants at schools, centers or clubs about graphic design.
- Enrolling in further national and foreign undergraduate program of the art and design majors.
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