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Identified as a core element of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and present in almost any field -  economics, smart services, smart health care, smart education, smart traffic and others - Information Technology (IT) is proving its importance for the digital age.
As there is a continuous demand for human resources in IT, students in the field are always the first ones to find ideal jobs. With its many years of experience of international collaborations for IT training DTU International School has become a trusted address for training, providing the entire country with high-quality IT graduates.
- Software Engineering
Information Security
Management Information Systems
Ðào t?o Công ngh? Thông tin t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân th?i Cách m?ng Công nghi?p 4.0
An agreement with CMU, one of the four leading universities in IT in the US, to develop its advanced programs in IT
International collaboration to develop advanced IT programs
The DTU International School offers the following majors in the advanced & international programs (developed based on a collaboration with the leading American Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in IT:
- CMU Software Engineering,
- CMU Management Information Systems,
- CMU Information/Network Security.
These advanced programs attract many students and offers them a dynamic, modern, and professional study environment meeting all their requirements and with the best conditions and content. Students of these programs will study IT subjects with advanced content and will acquire from 18 to 21 course completion certificates awarded by CMU. These certificates are internationally recognized and are an asset of credibility when applying for jobs after graduation. Furthermore, students of the CMU standard advanced and international programs will train essential skills to meet almost all future work requirements well, such as basic knowledge related to the major, technological knowledge, English language skills and soft skills like problem-solving, teamwork.
In addition to having the opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge, DTU students of CMU standard IT majors can furthermore obtain valuable scholarships from foreign universities and companies, such as the big scholarships awarded by aircraft manufacturer Boeing (US) and many other scholarships from DTU,  which are like presents always encouraging the students.
Sinh viên ngành Công ngh? Thông tin c?a Khoa Ðào t?o Qu?c t? DTU  giành nhi?u gi?i thu?ng l?n trong và ngoài nu?
IT students at the DTU International School have won many prizes in Vietnam and abroad
Lecturers and students regularly update their knowledge
One of the important points the International School is committed to is to “train high-quality and comprehensive experts in IT who meet the requirements of the labor market in Vietnam and abroad”. This was also included in the agreement CMU and DTU signed, and as such, many lecturers of the International School visit CMU every year for continued training and for obtaining the newest lesson contents from CMU lecturers. DTU furthermore signed agreements with and regularly meets with big and small IT companies to learn about their practical requirements, so as to improve lesson content quality and to provide society with high-quality IT human resources.
IT students at DTU can furthermore regularly attend seminars and career orientation, which allows them to exchange with and directly visit software companies. Through these activities, students can learn more about recruitment standards at businesses. Furthermore, the students always endeavor to learn more themselves and to prepare all skills and knowledge required for their future careers.
Đào tạo Công nghệ Thông tin tại Đại học Duy Tân thời Cách mạng Công nghiệp 4.0
Alumni of the DTU International School, like (left to right) Tra Anh Dong, Ngo Viet Hoang are employed by big American and Vietnamese companies
Making a mark with many big prizes and key jobs
The list of the best achievements by DTU students contains many familiar names of students of the CMU standard advanced and international IT programs at the International School. Some outstanding ones are:
1) Comprehensive award at the Devfest Hackathon 2018 contest with the Community Map application by: Ngo The Linh, Pham Tan Tai, Bui Vinh Phuc and Vu Truong Giang.
“Community Map allows the users to interact, for example to ask each other for help and report on the traffic situation, for each other’s convenience and to save time when joining traffic,” Bui Vinh Phuc explained in name of the development team.
2) Second prize at the IdeaHunter 2018 contest for the most talented students and programmers nationwide, with Facebook Fan Page Management by Vo Ngoc Ro, Phuong Nam, Bui Le Hoai Linh, Le Tien Dung andLe Quang Phuc. This product excelled at this contest for attracting investment by leading technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Giao Hang Nhanh, and other domestic and foreign investors and technology producers. The organizers awarded the group a “Best Solution” prize worth 30 million VND for the high applicability, efficiency, and good product idea of the product.
“Facebook Fan Page Management is a web application using Facebook’s API to integrate many fan pages into one window,” Le Hoang Phuc explained. “The application is quite flexible, combining a bot built on Dialogflow AI technology which can automatically answer user messages. Facebook Fan Page Management is very convenient for organization with many branches and departments or offering many different services, schools with many departments, and individuals managing many fan pages.”
In addition to the many prizes they have won, students of the advanced and international programs of the International School impress with 100% of students finding employment upon graduation. A  great many alumni of the School have key positions at big companies, such as:
- Tra Anh Dong, student of Network Security of class K19CMUTMT, is now a technical support specialist at HP, Malaysia,
- Ngo Viet Hoang, students of CMU standard Software Engineering of class K16CMUTPM, is now a senior software architect at Flex, the US,
- Pham Thi Le Trinh, student of Management Information Systems of class K14CMUTTT, is now project manager at Enclave,
- Nguyen Tien Thanh, student of Management Information Systems of class K16CMUTTT, now works for SunWorld Corporation.
Trained in a modern and professional environment with programs meeting business requirements, IT students at the DTU International School easily find employment and enjoy much higher salaries compared to the average of graduates from other majors or other universities.
Ðào t?o Công ngh? Thông tin t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân th?i Cách m?ng Công nghi?p 4.0
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