Financial Management (HP)

Financial Management (HP)



The DTU Financial Management major is designed to prepare students for careers in corporate money management and investment. It provides an education on how businesses effectively manage and distribute financial resources for the construction of factories, machinery and equipment and warehousing, including forecasting, monitoring and optimizing business assets.


Duration: 4 years


Study advantages


  • An international academic environment with the latest facilities
  • An in-depth curriculum based on practical research
  • Foreign professors and exchange students
  • Foreign-language enhancement
  • Internships and field trips in enterprises at home and abroad


Professional skills


The DTU HP Financial Management major provides:


  • Expertise in Finance and Banking.
  • The ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate economic and financial issues at the macro and micro levels, analyze corporate finances and investments, conduct credit and project appraisals, and a knowledge of risk identification and management systems and the operation of security investment funds.
  • Teamwork, the ability to collect and process information, everyday presentation and communication skills.


Career prospects


Graduates of the DTU program in Financial Management (HP) will be employed in the government or businesses, such as:


  • The Ministry of Trade, in planning & investment, trade and commercial departments
  • Local branch offices, multinational and import-export companies
  • Staff in shipping companies, airlines, insurance, banking, advertising and event organizations
  • Marketing staff for consumer or and industrial goods companies, supermarkets and convenience stores

Academic Programs


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