Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Graduates will be able to manage, forecast, supervise, solve outstanding issues, allocate appropriate funds, process elapsed stock and purchase machinery, equipment and warehouse materials to match corporate objectives.  
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Working skills:
Graduates will be able to:
- Learn in detail about Finance and Banking.
- Analyze, summarize and evaluate situations microcosmically and macroscopically in financial analysis, investment analysis and in credit and project underwriting.
- Recognize risk, design corporate risk management systems and manage the security funds. 
- Work in teams, collect and analyze information, communicate well and make presentations.
Career prospects:
Graduates will be able to work in:
- The Department of Trade, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Department of Planning and Investment as Commercial Counsellors.
- Representative offices of multinational companies and import-export companies.
- Shipping companies, airlines, insurance companies, banks, advertising agencies and in event management.
- Sales departments of manufacturers, supermarkets and shops.
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