Corporate Accounting

The training program consists of 105 credits in General Informatics, Introduction to Law, Teamworking, Problem-solving and more. In more specialized subjects students learn about accounting postulates, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Taxation and so on.


 - Working skills:


- Apply their knowledge of law, socio-economics, finance, accounting and auditing in their work

- Apply their knowledge of computer applications and foreign languages

- Implement voucher, accounts and accounting forms systems into practice

- Determine the ideal organizational structure of the corporate accounting department

- Integrate the latest economic development policies and financial, accounting and tax practices

- Evaluate the corporate financial activities


* Skills:


- Entry, check, classify and handle accounting vouchers

- Use appropriate vouchers in general and detailed accounting books

- Prepare financial and tax reports

- Build relationships with banks and credit institutions

 -Specialize in 2 or 3 common corporate accounting computer applications 

- Analyze the corporate economic and financial situation

- Check and evaluate the finance and accountancy of an enterprise

- Provide the proper economic information about the corporate business and production activities to meet the basic economic management and leadership standards

- Advise executives on how to improve corporate accounting and financial management

- Make financial plans


Duration: 3 years


Training program:


- The duration is 60% shorter than the university level program;

- Practical work accounts for 70% of the coursework

- Focus on English and soft skills


Career prospects:


- Management of accounting, auditing, bank transactions, tax and financial consulting

- Stockbrokers, project management and budget staff and clerks

Graduates will be are to work in: Government benefit agencies and foreign companies, commercial banks and insurance companies; Non-profit government agencies and enterprises, such as state government, schools and hospitals; Government tax, planning and investment departments and Universities, colleges and accounting education centers.

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