The Third Go See Do Da Nang Photo Exhibition

In the afternoon of April 25, DTU opened the Third Go See Do Da Nang photograph exhibition at the Danang Cham Museum. The exhibit contains eighty pictures that were selected from the 2017 Go See Do Da Nang photography contest. The organizers awarded many valuable prizes to works showcasing the beautiful moments of nature and people in Danang. The exposition will continue until May 25, 2017.
The organizers awarded the first prize to Huynh Van Truyen for his work “Danang By Night”
In addition to the many activities Danang holds to promote the city as an attractive place to visit - the International Marathon, the International Fireworks Competition, the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, the International Tourism Fair of Beach Resorts, the Asian Beach Games and others - DTU also organizes many activities and participates in city contests to introduce visitors to the beauty of this city on the banks of the Han River. Among these are the contest to display fireworks on a computer, the 2016 Sand Sculpture contest on the beach, and the Go See Do Da Nang photograph exhibition.
The third Go See Do Da Nang photography contest attracted many photography enthusiasts from all over the country. The organizers received 396 photo submissions and selected 80 of them to be exhibited. The subject matter of the submissions was very rich, with beautiful moments of the sunrise on the sea, fishing villages, fishermen at work, the beautiful sights in Danang, and the rhythm of the citizens’ daily life.
The wonderful photographs at the exposition  
At the exposition itself, the organizers awarded prizes, dividing the contestants into two groups: professional photographers and students. For the pictures on the topic “Face, Fun and Food” in the student group, the organizers awarded the first prize to Le Dinh Tan’s “Blue Leopard”, to Nguyen Thi Hoang Yen’s “Granddaughter”, and to Bui Thi Lan’s “Conical Hat and Peasant”. In the professional group with topic “Danang Meets the World”, the organizers awarded the first prize to Huynh Van Truyen with “Danang By Night”, the second prize to Le Huy Tuan with “Child ABG5”, and the third prize to Dang Huu Hung with “Let’s Fly Over the Sea”. The organizers awarded additional consolation prizes to the works “Waiting For You” by Nguyen Huu Duc, “Sunrise Dance” by Dao Quang Tuyen, and “Before the Festival” by Pham Huy Dang. The first prize in the student group had value of three million VND, and in the profession group it was worth ten million VND.
One of the founders of the Go See Do Da Nang photo exhibition was Prof. Dr. Barbara G. Howell, lecturer at Lorain County Community College and currently visiting lecturer at DTU. “In the three years that I have been here and in which the Go See Do Da Nang photo exhibition has been organized, I have seen Danang go through a surprising transformation towards global integration,” she explains. “A huge lot of activities have been organized for people visiting Danang to go to, to see, and to experience. The sights they can admire, the people they can meet, the places they can visit, it is all here at this annual photo exhibition. What is special this year is that the contest has been opened to students. That is why visitors of the third Go See Do Da Nang photography exhibition can enjoy the special beauty and flavor of Danang through the refined lenses of professional photographers but also to experience its citizens’ daily life through the enthusiasm of the young.”
First-prize winner Huynh Van Truyen says, “It was at the Mid-Autumn Festival when it suddenly started raining. Seeing the phantasmagoric atmosphere at the foot of Dragon Bridge, the idea to shoot a panorama of Danang suddenly came up in me. I ran up the River Side hotel and was overwhelmed by the scenery appearing in front of my eyes. Then, naturally, I pressed the shutter with a feeling that is difficult to put into words. I am very satisfied with the photograph, and I am truly happy it won the first prize and that I can showcase this beautiful place to Vietnamese and to foreign visitors alike.”
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