Sand Sculpture Contest on the Beach – Attraction of the ‘Danang - 2017 Summer Rendezvous Program’

On June 17th - 18th, DTU and the Danang Department of Tourism held the 2017 Sand Sculpture Contest at Pham Van Dong beach. More than one hundred and fifty members of seventeen teams from universities, colleges, and others participated. 
The 2017 Sand Sculpture Contest not only contributed to promoting Danang tourism but also enriched a series of events of the Danang - 2017 Summer Rendezvous Program. The contest also provided DTU students with a healthy and useful pleasure-ground for practicing and added to the attractions for residents and visitors. 
The “Trapped Horse” Sculpture of the Tam Anh Beats Lu Bo Team - one of two Third Prizes in the Contest 
Despite the intense summer heat, competitors dedicated themselves to their work on the beach. They made excellent and impressive sand sculptures with their enthusiasm, skills and vivid imagination.
The result of two days of work, 22 beautiful and meaningful sand sculptures of 17 teams attracted many residents and visitors at Danang beach. A picture of a wild island without human impact, a seal among garbage and dead fish or a spirited horse trapped in the mud with the message “Protecting the environment to save animals and ourselves”. Some sculptures made people wake up screaming such as “People and animals change their position” that shows a bear shooting a man lying on the beach, and “Unemotional People” that shows people just living with phones and social networks without their heart and brain. Besides that, there were many meaningful sculptures that expressed the human aspiration of reaching higher, such as “Carp becoming Dragon”, “Lac Long Quan goes to the sea”, “Forever love”, “Hard-working Bee” and others. 
The Tam Anh Beats Lu Bo Team and Nice Team were awarded Third Prizes
The “Trapped Horse” of the Tam Anh Beats Lu Bo Team and “A seal among garbage and dead fish” of Nice Team, emphasizing the message “Calling for Environmental Protection Action”, won the hearts of the judges and were awarded the Third Prize of two million VND (No First and Second Prize).
Besides, five Dedication Prizes, nine Potential Prizes and 6 Consolation Prizes were also awarded. 
Ngo Thi Thu Thao (member of the Nice Team) of DTU K19STR1 said that, “This is our beautiful and meaningful memory before leaving DTU and stepping into life. The contest has brought us opportunities to create, interact and express our youthful aspiration of contributing to environmental protection”.
The “Danang - 2017 Summer Rendezvous” week from June 17th to 23rd has many exciting activities with the message of calling tourists and residents to keep the sea and city green and clean. 
In addition to organizing the 2017 Sand Sculpture Contest, DTU also actively joins in many events of the Danang - 2017 Summer Rendezvous Program and positively contributes to promoting Danang tourism. 
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