DTU Is the First Private University to Meet National Education Quality Standards

In October 2016, DTU applied for quality accreditation from the Center for Education Accreditation of the Association of Vietnamese Universities and Colleges. After a thorough assessment, from November 29th to December 27th 2016, DTU met 52 of the 61 criteria, with an overall score of 85.25%, after a secret ballot of all members. On February 20th, DTU officially became the first private university in Vietnam to receive a Certificate of National Education Quality. 
DTU was awarded the highest score of all universities in Central Vietnam, both public and private, that have gone through the accreditation process so far. DTU is among forty universities who have applied for accreditation since 2009, and the thirty-one approved by MOET.
PGS. TS. Mai Văn Trinh, PGS. TS. Nguyễn Phương Nga, GS. TS. Trần Hồng Quân và Anh hùng Lao động, Nhà giáo Ưu tú Lê Công Cơ chia sẻ những lời tâm huyết tại buổi lễ
Associate Professor Mai Van Trinh, Associate Professor Nguyen Phuong Nga, Professor Tran Hong Quan and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co
Associate Professor Nga, Director of the Center for Education Accreditation, confirmed: “Being directly involved in the evaluation for the education quality accreditation of DTU, we recognized the committed and progressive work ethic of the university staff and lecturers. DTU has developed a mission statement that is compatible with the function and duties of the university and, at the same time, is tailored closely to the general socioeconomic development plan of Danang. It has created high-quality curricula closely linked to the graduation requirements, careers and well-being of its students. It has collaborated with well-known universities worldwide to import advanced curricula and sent students abroad for further study. It has constructed modern laboratories and other facilities and enhanced its research capability, with 731 publications released in national and international journals, of which 405 were ISI/SCI papers. These accreditation results are testament to the efficient and strategic development of DTU”.
Distinguished Teacher, Hero of Labor Le Cong Co receives the Certificate of National Education Quality from Associate Professor Mai Van Trinh, Head of the Department of Education Testing and Accreditation and a Certificate of Merit from Mr. Huynh Duc Tho, Chairperson of the Danang People’s Committee
Professor Tran Hong Quan, former minister of the Ministry of Education and Training and President of the Association of Vietnamese Universities and Colleges, said: “I have been keeping track of the miraculous development of DTU since it was first founded. DTU is one of the few universities that ensures that satisfying social requirements is the best way to develop a university of quality. This is why DTU took part in the accreditation, demonstrates its social responsibility to the community and helps parents and students confidently select DTU for their studies and career development”.
Associate Professor Trinh said: “DTU has made wonderful efforts over the last twenty two years to make such significant achievements. At the 2016 Commendation Ceremony for the most outstanding individuals in Science and Technology in Danang, DTU contributed 26 out of 26 ISI papers, 22 of which were written solely by members of the university. The university has realized that a humanitarian education must be linked with research and focused on caring for its students, 75% of whom find employment within one year of graduation. 17% of its team of 1,100 lecturers and staff hold PhDs, professorships or associate professorships. In a very short time, DTU has really impressed us with its motivation. Among the 32 universities assessed for education quality accreditation to date, DTU is the 12th to be accredited and the first private one. In the future, the university should broaden its long-term vision, continue to care about the well-being of its students, and publish ISI papers that help to solve key social issues”.
Distinguished Teacher, Hero of Labor Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, said: “The past twenty-two years of building and development will not prove as challenging as our future development, as Vietnam is on its way to far-reaching regional and international integration. This professional certificate is a first, after 22 years of teaching and learning. Our initial successes will encourage the university to continue its efforts to educate students who are conscious of community requirements, armed with the comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary to become world citizens. DTU will now continue to seek national and international accreditation from other organizations, such as ABET, ACBSP and ACPHA and train students to be confident and entrepreneurial, with broad knowledge and capabilities.”
Mr. Huynh Duc Tho, Chairperson of Danang People’s Committee also presented a Certificate of Merit to DTU to honor the significant contributions the university has made for the development of Danang.
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