A Training Course in Law for DTU Trade Union Members

On September 8th, the DTU Trade Union and the Danang Labor Union held a training course in law for members. The Head of the Danang Social Insurance Department, Van Phu Long, and Deputy-Director of the Danang Labor Union, Cu Dinh Thi, attended.
Mr. Van Phu Long gives a report
Mr. Long talked about the minimum wage, social insurance, sickness benefits, maternity, work accident, occupational disease, retirement and survivorship policies.
From January 1st, 2018, female workers will receive a monthly retirement pension of 45% of their average monthly salaries, if they have paid into social insurance for fifteen years, 47% for those who have paid in for more than sixteen years and 75% for those who have paid in for thirty years or more. Male workers will receive a monthly retirement pension of 45% if they have paid in for at least sixteen years and 75% if they have paid in for thirty-five years or more. He also reviewed new regulations in the 2017 Health Insurance Laws and encouraged members to consider family group health insurance.
Employees pay only one-third of their total monthly health insurance premium, which is equivalent to 45% of their average monthly salary.
Deputy-Director Thi gave a detailed overview of the new Labor Law Code rules, effective January 1st 2018, concerning work contracts, probation contracts, unilateral termination of labor contracts and so on. Attending the course is important because it aims to develop a better understanding of the laws, ensures members’ rights and strengthens the Trade Union’s role in the community.
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