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The DTU International School “Ten-Year Journey” Camp

On January 19, the ’Ten-year Journey” camping program was held by the DTU International School at the Hoa Khanh Nam campus. It was an opportunity for students to express their deepest thanks to the Board of Provosts, International School leaders and lecturers for their dedication and support over the past ten years. 
H?i tr?i k? ni?m 10 nam thành l?p c?a Khoa dào t?o qu?c t?
A musical performance 
The International School was founded in January, 2009, as a bridge between DTU and its international partners. It has now already established educational links and exchanges with fifteen universities around the world and regularly welcomes foreign delegations on visits and exchanges. Partners include Carnegie Mellon University, in Information Technology, Software Engineering, Information Systems and Network Engineering; Pennsylvania State University in Business Management, Accountancy, and Tourism and Hospitality, and California State University, in Architecture and Construction.  
H?i tr?i k? ni?m 10 nam thành l?p c?a Khoa dào t?o qu?c t?
Mr. Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of the DTU International School, delivers a speech 
Students decorated their camps to highlight the cultures of various selected countries around the world. The event also included exciting group activities, such as sack racing, a tug-of-war, an “amazing race” and an artistic, colorful and original program, ranging from modern, lively dancing to gentle guitar music. 
“Just ten years is not yet history, but the development of the International School reflects the distinct imprint of our lecturers and students,” explained Mr. Nguyen Duc Man. “I am very happy and touched to stand here today and watch our talented students assembled here to look back on and honor our first ten years.”
H?i tr?i k? ni?m 10 nam thành l?p c?a Khoa dào t?o qu?c t?
International School lecturers and students 
The “Ten-Year Journey” camping program brought generations of DTU students together and finished with a bonfire, symbolizing everyone’s trust and future aspirations.
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