Tourism & Hospitality Management



The Tourism and Hotel Management major is an international program, teaching the professional management skills necessary in hotel housekeeping, human resources, marketing and so on.

Chuyên ngành Quản trị Du lịch & Khách sạn

Duration: 4 years  


Training program:


-This program is credit-based, can be completed within 3.5 to 4 years and students learn how to work as hotel receptionists, in hotel rooms and restaurants.

- Students can practice their skills in specially simulated hotel rooms at DTU and meanwhile improve their English knowledge.


Working skills:


Graduates will be able to:


- Work as receptionists

- Manage departments in resorts, hotels and restaurants

- Solve business problems related to hotels

- Speak fluent English


Career prospects:


Marketing, human resource and finance executives, locally and internationally

- Managers in resorts, hotels, restaurants, parks and at events companies

- Officials in government Tourism, Culture and Sports departments 

Academic Programs


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