Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

The major of Finance & Banking relates to transaction, circulation, and currency trading services. All business activities of economic organizations and all government macroeconomic policy operations, and particularly monetary and fiscal policy, have a tremendous influence on the entire economy and require human resources for implementation and financial management.
To meet career switch and knowledge and skill expansion requirements and to improve the adaptability of workers in the face of ever increasing requirements from society, DTU offers a second-degree course in Finance and Banking.
Training program
- General knowledge: 18 credits
- Specialized knowledge: 58 credits
- Students are required to study those subjects of the second-degree training program they did not study or did not study up to the required level for their first degree.
- Regular study outside office hours at DTU
- With the flexible credit-based study system, students can select their subjects and divide their time in any way that is most convenient for them.
- Graduates will be awarded a regular second-degree Bachelor’s diploma in the national diploma system.
Working skills
- Have comprehensive knowledge of commercial banking operations and non-bank intermediary financial institutions, of the workings of the securities market, of state sector financial activities, of international finance, and of business finance.
- Have a thorough grasp of the structure, operations, and management of financial systems in a market economy.
- Be able to analyze, synthesize, and comprehensively assess economic and financial issues on large and small scales.
Career prospects
- Specialist at all positions at government management agencies in finance and banking from national to local level
- Finance and accounting specialist at businesses 
and financial organizations
- Lecturer or researcher at institutes or universities, or consultant at other financial organizations.


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