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DTU Meets with the Vietnamese N&V Bridge and Japanese Chime Companies

On November 13, DTU met with the N&V Bridge and Japanese Chime companies. DTU Provost, Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, leaders of the DTU Information Technology and Architecture faculties, the Learning and Testing Center, the Department of Business Cooperation and the Office of International Relations attended. Mr. Nguyen Vo Huyen Duong, founder and Executive Director of N&V Bridge, founded with the backing of Shizuoka University, and Chime Director, Mr. Matsumoto Yoshiyuki, together with several Japanese graphics experts, discussed a potential academic collaboration with DTU.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân làm vi?c v?i Công ty TNHH N&V Bridge và Công ty TNHH Chime, Nh?t B?n
DTU meets with N&V Bridge and Japanese Chime
Mr. Nguyen Vo Huyen Duong stated that N&V Bridge already has had ten years of consulting experience and partnerships with leading Japanese and Vietnamese companies, in graphic design, real estate, education, trade and tourism, food, wedding events, interior architecture and design, and software applications.
Chime specializes in the production of Anime films and 2D and 3D games and N&V Bridge plans to start training Vietnamese graphic design students by offering courses at DTU. 
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân làm vi?c v?i Công ty TNHH N&V Bridge và Công ty TNHH Chime, Nh?t B?n
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao with faculty leaders and delegates from N&V Bridge and Chime
These courses would last for one month, with two a year, taught by Japanese Chime experts. On completion, successful students would receive certificates and additional Japanese language training and be able to work at N&V Bridge or at other Vietnamese game companies affiliated with Chime. Then some would be eligible to intern at N&V Bridge in Tokyo, to broaden their expertise and career opportunities.
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao was delighted with the prospects of a strong partnership and new student opportunities. He introduced the 3D “The First Swallows” film, produced by the university’s Silver Swallows Studio, as shown in Vietnamese movie theaters and an animated film, “Thanh Do”, which won a silver award at the Japanese DigiCon6 short film contest. Mr. Matsumoto Yoshiyuki praised their work and judged that the graphics were highly authentic and meticulous in every detail.
The meeting paved the way to signing a training and recruitment agreement with the Japanese in Anime and 3D game production, in which interest is growing rapidly here in Vietnam.
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