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Trailer of DTU 1965 Ham Rong Bridge Dogfight movie, just as dramatic as a Hollywood blockbuster

January 3,2019

The battle of the Ham Rong bridge was a resounding and unforgettable victory for the Vietnamese Air Force, during the brutally destructive American bombing of North Vietnam. A young, experienced team of DTU Silver Swallows Studio professionals have just released a trailer of their first short feature film “The First Swallow Wings”...

The First Swallows Documentary Released

April 27,2019

The First Swallows premieres after five years of preparation. The movie revived the air battle for the Thanh Hoa Bridge on April 4, 1965. The historical documentary produced by Duy Tan University (DTU), the First Swallows, premiered at the theater on the evening of April 27...

DTU Releases the First Swallows Documentary

May 2,2019

The first episode in a series of Vietnamese aerial war films, “The First Swallows”, premiered at the Danang CGV Vincom theater on the evening of April 26. The movie revived the air battle which took place at the Ham Rong Bridge in Thanh Hoa province on April 4, 1965. This historic documentary is a not-for-profit project developed by the DTU Silver Swallows Studio...