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3rd Treasure Hunt Contest: Platform for DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering Students

DTU held the 3rd Treasure Hunt contest for students of the DTU Faculties of Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Environmental and Chemical Engineering so that they could meet, discuss and learn from each other and have opportunities to practice making measurements and using surveying instruments. The finals took place at the DTU Sports Stadium in South Hoa Khanh on March 31st.
Cu?c thi Truy tìm Kho báu L?n th? 3: Sân choi cho Sinh viên Khoa Xây d?ng
Launched on March 10th, the 3rd Treasure Hunt contest attracted the participation of many students studying Surveying. After the preliminary round, the best four teams, K20CSU-XDD, K21XDD, K22XDD and K23XDC, entered the finals. In the finals, teams had to show off their two main skills to find the treasure, the basic skill of using the surveying instruments for measurements and the skill of computing and solving basic surveying mathematics and real-world construction problems.
After two hours of competing, the K20CSU-XDD team excellently won the first prize, worth 2.5 million dong. Runner-up was the K21XDD1 team with the 1.5 million dong prize and the 1 million dong third prize was awarded to the K23XDD2 team.
Cu?c thi Truy tìm Kho báu L?n th? 3: Sân choi cho Sinh viên Khoa Xây d?ng
The four teams
Nguyen Van Phat, a student of class K20CSU-XDD at the DTU International School, said: “This is the third time my friends and I have participated in this contest and this time we were lucky to win the first prize. “Treasure Hunt” is an interesting contest, helping us improve our skills and giving us opportunities to meet and discuss with each other. I feel grateful to DTU and the lecturers of the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering for offering us many opportunities to show off ourselves, acquire experience and have beautiful memories with our friends”
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