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To popularize the human beauty of Da Nang

On August 17th, DTU collaborated with the Danang Cham Museum to hold the fourth Go See Do Da Nang photograph exhibition with the two topics “Da Nang Then & Now” for professional photographers and “Hope” for students from 12 to 22 years old. 

Seeing an Iron Man athlete trying to finish his race in the hot weather, a sanitation worker gives him strength by spraying him with water. A beautiful image of the people of Danang.

At the award ceremony, Dr. Vo Thanh Hai - DTU Vice Provost - stressed: “With its mission, DTU will contribute more and more to the promotion of Da Nang in order to popularize its people and sights to the world.”

Dr. Vo Thanh Hai also emphasized the goal to educate well-qualified human resources meeting the requirements of integration, labor market and international working environment. Also, they should show their national identity and not get mixed in the globalization. 
Over the past four years, the Go See Do Da Nang photograph exhibition has been one of the complementary solutions for humanistic education, fostering love for the homeland and reminding youngsters of their civic responsibility. 

Two months after being launched, the fourth Go See Do Da Nang photograph exhibition with the two topics “Da Nang Then & Now” and “Hope” attracted over 300 photo submissions.

The judges (including Professor Barbara Howell, a  DTU lecturer from the Lorain County Community College (Ohio) and representatives from the Danang Artistic Photo Association) selected 80 of them to be exhibited and awarded: 

Topic “Da Nang Then & Now”

- The first prize went to Le Huy Tuan with ‘Then & Now’
- The second prize went to Nguyen Cong Hung with ‘Memorial night at the Hoa Vang Cemetery’
- The third prize went to Do Dinh Thi with ‘Boat’
- Three consolation prizes were also awarded.

Mr. Huynh Hung - Committee member and Director of the Danang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism - awards the first prize to Le Huy Tuan (above); Mr. Ho Anh Tuan - Director of the Danang Cham Museum - awards the first prize to Nguyen Tuan (below).
Ð? v? d?p Nhân van c?a Vùng d?t – Con ngu?i Ðà N?ng bay xa 

Topic “Hope”

- The first prize went to Nguyen Tuan with ‘Mother and baby’
- The second prize went to Le Dinh Tan with ‘The most picturesque scene’
- The third prize went to Tran Dinh Trung with ‘The humanity of Danang’

One of the founders of the Go See Do Da Nang photo exhibition, Professor Barbara Howell shared: “I want to popularize the wonderful and miraculous image of Da Nang which you and I already know”. Professor Barbara Howell was also a journalist for a famous magazine in America.

Artistic Photo Competition and Selection for the Publication "Save the Da Nang Memory" 
Ð? v? d?p Nhân van c?a Vùng d?t – Con ngu?i Ðà N?ng bay xa  

Before, in the evening of August 17th, the Danang Artistic Photo Association and the Danang Cham Museum jointly held a press conference to launch an artistic photo competition entitled "Save the Da Nang memory”.

Photo submissions should be of high ideological and artistic value, reflecting the diversity of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Da Nang  (including special national sites, national sites, city-level sites, architectural relics, antiques, national treasures, folk performances, rituals, traditional festivals, folk games, traditional handicrafts, and so on).

At the same time, they should show the results of preserving and enhancing the value of cultural heritage and memories of the Han river through ancient and modern artistic lenses. The Board of Organizers encourages submissions to have profound content, creative perspectives and artistic value.

The competition is open nationwide for both amateur and professional photographers. 

The Board of Organizers will accept photos until October 30. Authors should register accounts and submit photos directly to the website: http://thianhkyucdanang.com.

The judges will select from 70 to 100 qualified photos to be displayed. The most excellent ones will be awarded. In order to serve for professional and research purposes, the Board of Organizers will make a selection for the photobook "Memory of Da Nang".  

“The Da Nang Wheel” by Le Quang Thien

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