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Talented Students Shine at the 2018 DTU Student Talent and Beauty Contest

Fulfilling the expectations of students from the Danang region, the finals of the 2018 DTU Student Talent and Beauty Contest, held on May 20th at the Trung Vuong theatre, surprised and enraptured the audience, with professional organization and many exciting performances, leading to the crowning of Mister and Miss DTU.

 T?a sáng Sinh viên Tài nang Thanh l?ch DTU 2018
Contestants in the Evening Dress contest

The DTU Student Talent and Beauty Contest is held every two years by the Center for Arts and Sports and the DTU Union. This year’s contest attracted over two hundred applicants, counting a great many students from other schools around Danang, such as the College of Commerce, Phan Chau Trinh high school, and Tran Phu high school. After the initial round and the semifinals, the 21 most outstanding students were selected to enter the finals of the 2018 DTU Student Talent and Beauty Contest.

Donning Vietnamese traditional dress, the contestants left a strong impression with the “Vut Bay” Ao dai collection, with a design featuring storks, the DTU mascot and symbol of diligence and endurance in studying and in working. With their confident and professional performances and with their youthful freshness, the contestants were successful in transmitting the meaning and the spirit of the collection to the audience.
With their performance in the Free Style Dress contest, the contestants impressed again with their unique attires - 21 contestants brought 21 different styles, each showing their own personalities. One student chose a beige vintage dress, someone else went for an elegant office jumpsuit not lacking in glamour the slightest bit, or else again a dynamic boy wore a perfect combination of jeans and sneakers. The whole treated jury and audience on a contest full of color.
Not stopping there, the contestants continued the Evening Dress contest with glamorous gowns and smart suits. The final round contestants looked so beautiful with noble, elegant, and very mature pictures.

 T?a sáng Sinh viên Tài nang Thanh l?ch DTU 2018 
Hoang Quoc Trung and Vo Quynh Thu won the contest

The ten most outstanding ones of the contestants, five male and five female, were selected to advance to the the question responses rounds. In this part, the jury asked questions to test the participants’ understanding and knowledge of social affairs and their ability at logic reasoning. The questions revolved around their perceptions of start-up issues, reading culture, the impact of social media, and the harmony between beauty and intellect.
Conquering the hearts of jury and audience alike with their talent, intelligence, and acumen in their responses, Vo Quynh Thu of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Hoang Quoc Trung of the Faculty of Hospitality attained the leading positions and were crowned Miss and Mister DTU.

Runner-ups were Phan Khanh Ly of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Phan Cam Nhi from Tran Phu high school for the ladies. Male runner-ups were Vo Tan Dat of the Faculty of Business Administration and Ly Minh Tam of the Faculty of Hospitality.

In addition to the main prizes, organizers and sponsors awarded many additional prizes of high value to contestants making it to the final round. Nguyen Dinh Quan of the Faculty of Hospitality was awarded as most liked through the King Garden fan page, winner Vo Quynh Thu received the prize of most liked contestant on the HongKong Wedding fan page, Nguyen Thi Minh Thi from Tran Phu high school received Cezanne’s Natural Beauty prize, and Rong Tien Sa Media awarded its Talent prize and the prize for most liked contestant to Nguyen Thi Yen Nhi of the Faculty of Business Administration. Furthermore, the organizers also awarded certificates and vouchers to use HongKong Wedding services worth 1 million VND to all 21 contestants making it to the final round.

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